Ramsgate Lifeboat

"Claire and David Delves"

Our inshore lifeboat the "Claire and David Delves" is an Atlantic 85 class lifeboat. Which is  davit launched from her boathouse, located in the outer harbour.

The name Atlantic is derived from Atlantic College in Wales, where the rigid inflatable B class was first developed. The number ‘85’ is derived from her length of nearly 8.5m. The Atlantic 85 is a fast, manoeuvrable and very reliable boat, which is capable of operating in rough weather conditions, up to force 7  in daylight and force 6 at night.

A manually operated self-righting mechanism combined with two 115hp  4-stroke inversion-proofed engines keep her operational even after capsize. She is also capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear.

The Atlantic 85 carries a full suite of communication and electronic navigation aids, including VHF radio, VHF direction finding, intercom, DGPS and electronic chart, radar and hand-held VHF, as well as a searchlight, night-vision equipment and illuminating paraflares for night-time operations.
Photo by Clive Lawford

The Atlantic 85 Class Lifeboat

Photos by Steve Burton
Date introduce
Last built
Current building program
Number built
Current building program
Launch type
Carriage, davit or floating boathouse
1.8 tonnes
Max speed
35 knots
Fuel capacity
210 litres
3 hours maximum
Hull: carbon fibre and foam core laminate, structure includes epoxy glass and foam sandwich layup
Inflatable collar: hypalon-coated nylon
2 x Yamaha 4-stroke; 115hp each
Survivor capacity
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