Ramsgate Lifeboat
27th November 2019
Presentation Sunday 24 November
It was a great honour to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Worshipful Mayor of Ramsgate Raushan Ara, which was presented to Coxswain Ian Cannon, in recognition for all the hard work the RNLI does for the town of Ramsgate.

This coincided with the Christmas Lights being switched on so the town was packed with shoppers and there was a wonderful turn out of the RNLI Ramsgate volunteers representing Crew, Management, Fundraisers and Shops.

Sincere thanks to Raushan Ara for selecting RNLI Ramsgate as one of her charities of the year.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
11th November 2019

We are always hugely proud of our crew and the work they do but this weekend in particular we would like to mention Becky Cannon and Phill Mace.

Becky was invited to form the Carpet Guard for the Chelsea Pensioners at the Royal Albert Hall for the Remembrance Festival. She was representing Royal Navy Sea Scouts as it’s 100 years since Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts started. This was due to her commitment and work for the RN Sea Scouts scheme. She has grown up and worked her way up through the scheme, and volunteered on HMS Bristol to help run the camps for other Scouts working their way through it.

Phil our mechanic was picked to represent our region, London and South East and was invited to march with seven other RNLI representatives past the Cenotaph in London in the presence of the Royal Family.

Needless to say we are extremely proud of them both.

Armistice Day, also know as Remembrance Day, Monday 11 November 2019 marks one hundred years since the two minute silence was first observed in 1919, to commemorate the signing of the Armistice between the Allies and Germany to end the First World War.

Although many RNLI volunteers have been attending events around the country it wasn't until 2016 that the RNLI were invited for the first time to take part in the service at the Cenotaph in London.

This is especially poignant to the crew of Ramsgate RNLI as the town played a large part in the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940, when twenty RNLI lifeboats were amongst the seven hundred private boats that sailed from the town as part of Operation Dynamo to rescue 338,000 British and French soldiers trapped on the beaches at Dunkirk during the Second World War.
Becky is on the far left
Photos of the Remembrance Service from the BBC
11th November 2019

Our local Marks & Spencer at Westwood Cross, Broadstairs have been kindly supplying us with empty jam pots in support of the Betty's 5p Pots scheme all year so we were delighted to invite James, the local Charity Co-ordinator and Food Hall Supervisor from our local Marks & Spencer to the Lifeboat Station for a tour so that he can take back first hand how the money being raised is being used. So far the Betty’s 5p Pots scheme in this area has raised in excess of £1200 for Ramsgate RNLI.

The idea for Betty’s 5p Pots first came from Betty Frith, who was the Honorary Treasurer for over 20 years at the Hertford branch of the (RNLI). Sadly Mrs Frith passed away, but her legacy has lived on.

Sincere thanks to the Crew for allowing the visit and to our Visits team for making the visit so informative for James.
Ray, retired crew member showing James around the Lifeboat Esme Anderson.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
28th October 2019
Three launches in 24 hours for RAMSGATE RNLI
The morning of 24 October saw the start of a busy twenty four hour period when Ramsgate RNLI volunteer crew launched to three separate incidents.

The first launch was just after 4 am when the lifeboat was launched at the request of HM Coastguard to a fourteen meter yacht with engine failure, three miles East of North Foreland. Once on scene the all-weather boat Esme Anderson passed a line to the two sailors onboard and once secure they towed the casualty into Ramsgate.

At 3.48 pm on the same day the inshore lifeboat Clare and David Delves was launched at the request of the Coastguard after a report of a windsurfer in difficulty off the Ramsgate main beach had been made by a member of the public. The experienced windsurfer had been enjoying the waves when the wind direction suddenly changed sweeping him out to sea. He was struggling to get back to shore. Once on scene the Volunteer crew found the windsurfer had managed to reach shallow water and made his own way ashore. After he was checked out by the Coastguard mobile unit, the Inshore lifeboat returned to Ramsgate RNLI station.

The third launch was in the early hours of 25 October after Walmer Lifeboat Donald McLauchlan, an Atlantic 85, was launched at the request of HM Coastguard to a yacht aground on the South Goodwin Sands, and Ramsgate’s all-weather boat was later asked to give assistance.

The initial launch was at 3.10 am when a twenty five meter yacht with one person onboard had run aground on the treacherous sands. Stuck on a falling tide the yacht was laid over on its side with the owner trapped onboard and the yacht was filling with water. With no way of reaching the yacht the decision was taken by HM Coastguard to launch a helicopter to rescue him and he was flown to shore.

Walmer RNLI returned to base to change crew and then went back out to recover the yacht and assistance was requested from Ramsgate’s all-weather boat. The weather conditions were calm at Force 2 but breaking waves on the sands had pushed the yacht over a sand bar and into deeper water and with the tide now rising the yacht was afloat.

The Walmer Lifeboat transferred two of their crew aboard the yacht to assist with attaching a tow line and to assess for any damage, and then passed a line to the Esme Anderson so that they could tow the yacht back to the safety of Ramsgate Harbour with the Walmer Lifeboat escorting. Once inside Ramsgate Harbour the tow was transferred to Walmer Lifeboat who berthed the yacht onto a pontoon, allowing the Ramsgate Boat to return to station.

Coxswain of RAMSGATE Ian Cannon said ‘A busy day for our volunteer crew working alongside other teams to bring about a good outcome. In 2018 there were 8964 launches in the UK and Ireland, with 26 people on average per day aided. This service is entirely funded by donations from the public, without which we could not continue our role to save lives at sea. If you see someone in trouble, stay safe and call the Coastguard on 999.’
Photos by Mark Stanford
21st October 2019

Many thanks to all at the Royal Albion Hotel In Broadstairs for letting the RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk have a Christmas Stall on Saturday 19th October.  Takings were £40.50, however if you missed this one they will be back at the Royal Albion Hotel on 9th November.

21st October 2019

Our Fundraisers were on Collection Day duty at Asda Broadstairs for the second time this year on Saturday 19th October. A total of £576.60 was raised for RNLI Ramsgate. Sincere thanks to all at Asda for making us feel so very welcome and to their extremely generous customers.

Photo by Sarah Hewes
10th October 2019

We were privileged to have been made the Charity of the Year by the Viking Ship Café for 2019. Now that the Café is closed for the season this has now come to an end. £247.21 was raised and we are very grateful to Andy and Debra and all their customers as the money raised will help us continue saving lives at sea.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
30th September 2019
Fish and Chip Supper
What a fabulous turnout for our Annual Fish Supper at the Lifeboat Station held Saturday 28th September. Thank you so much to everybody who attended our sell out event. £508.40 was raised for the RNLI Fish Supper Campaign and a very generous donation of £100 was presented by the Greyhound Buskers for RNLI Ramsgate.

Sincere thanks to the Greyhound Buskers for the wonderful entertainment, Newington Fish Bar for the very yummy food, Crampton Tower Museum for the tables and chairs and all the very kind donors of the lovely raffle prizes.

Photo by Sarah Hewes
30th September 2019
Shout today
Today at 11:46 The inshore lifeboat launched to 2 ladies cut off by an extremely high tide near Stone Bay. On scene the ILB found the ladies at the foot of the cliffs, with their feet in the water and nowhere to go. The volunteer crew attempted to veer in twice but found the anchor would not hold, so decided to get  in as close as possible and put a crew member in the water who then made his way to the casualties. Once the casualties were fitted with lifejackets the ILB made a second approach allowing the casualty to make her way to the boat with the assistance of the crewman who was in the water. The Crewman then returned for the second casualty and once the ILB was close enough inshore, made his way back to the boat with the second casualty. The ILB then returned to station with the two casualties where they were able to get out of their wet clothes and dry themselves. They were then given thermal jumpsuits, which are usually worn under the crews own kit whilst their clothes were drying in the station dryer.

A very close call, on a day with particularly high tides. These conditions are expected to continue for a few more days so advise from the RNLI is to check the tides and always carry a means of communication with you when enjoying our coast line.
Photo by Mark Stanford
27th September 2019

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed an addition to our fleet on 26th Sept when a Severn  ‘The Duke of Kent’   stopped off at Ramsgate Lifeboat Station on its delivery from Poole to Grimsby.

A great photo by Sarah Hewes.
27th September 2019

Thank you very much to Tesco Manston and their very generous customers. Our street collection team were there on 26th September and £393.63 was raised to help RNLI Ramsgate continue saving lives at sea.
27th August 2019

Our annual street collection took place over an extremely hot Bank Holiday weekend, so a massive thank you to everyone involved.

Day 1 of the Street Collection realised £217.78, many thanks to the very generous people of Ramsgate.

Day 2 of the Street Collection realised £426.15.

Day 3 of the Street Collection raised £269.25 making a grand total of £913.18 over the three days. Sincere thanks to Ray our Collections Organiser for his fantastic organisation and to our hard working Fundraisers for all their efforts in that heat. Many thanks to the wonderful people of Ramsgate for all their support to help us keep saving lives at sea.
23rd August 2019
RNLI Junior Fishing Competition today
Dawn and Jason Parrott organisers of the annual RNLI Fishing Competition held at Ramsgate RNLI station couldn’t have hoped for better conditions with a gloriously warm, calm day for taking the children out fishing.

About 14 local fishing boats donated their time and fuel and set off this morning with excited youngsters ranging from 4 to 16 years old onboard, all wearing red tee shirts donated by Spectrum Vessel Services as well as life jackets. The conditions meant that the fish were biting, one boat said that they had over 120 Bass caught, although the majority were too small to keep. Plenty of fish to keep the children’s occupied and happy!

Upon their return they were all given a goody bag donated by London Array and then enjoyed a BBQ and homemade cakes supplied by local sponsors. This was followed by the prize giving with the Mayor of Ramsgate Raushan Ara giving out the prizes. Due to the generosity of local businesses every child who took part was given a rod and fishing reel so that they can continue fishing. One parent from last year said that the change in his son was incredible, from spending all his time playing computer games indoors he now was out fishing with a new group of friends and family. However in light of recent events at Sandwich, before the presentations took place Harvey Cole, Ramsgate RNLI’s Water Safety Officer gave a brief talk on the importance of behaving sensibly around water and wearing life jackets. Volunteer crew member and organiser Jason then called for a minutes silence to honour little Lucas, who sadly lost his life last week. This was an emotional moment as the crew had been involved in the search.

Then it was the turn of the organisers to be honoured, as they were presented by Mayor of Ramsgate Raushan, with an Excellence in Volunteering Award from the National RNLI in recognition of their efforts, of which they were completely unaware and very much taken by surprise.

Of course everyone is a winner but the top prizes went to Scarlet Reich and Noah Adams for the most fish caught. The top boat was Peggonia from Rye owned by Anthony Hills. And the Gary Dunk and John Parrott Memorial Trophy for the most amount of sponsorship went to Riley Williams aged 7 who managed to raise £265 on his own. Well done to everyone!

Final figures are still not in with money from raffles and donations still coming in, but they have already exceeded last years amount of £5000 for Ramsgate RNLI station.
Young fisherman admiring the raffle prizes, with their tee shirts and goody bags
Dawn and Jason Parrott being presented with their award by Mayor of Ramsgate Raushan
The Mayor with some of the prize winners
8th August 2019
A visit from David Appleby from Plymouth
This afternoon we had a visitor to the Station, Lifeboat enthusiast David Appleby originally from Salcombe and now residing in Plymouth,Devon. Having retired from work due to health issues 18 years ago and finding time on his hands, and approaching 70 years old, he started visiting lifeboat stations 18 months ago with the intention of visiting every station. He’s doing well having visited 161 out of 238 stations so far.

A great character he explained that his passions in life were the RNLI, driving and a love for red wine, although not at the same time as driving! So every month when he receives his pension he fills the car up with petrol and sets off to visit a Lifeboat station all over the length and breadth of the UK. Since starting 18 months ago he has clocked up over 28,000 miles in the car plus another 8000 for journeys across to France. Today he had driven from Devon, already visited Sheerness, and after leaving us was in his way to Walmer and Dover RNLI.

Chatting with him, it’s obvious that he has great passion for the sea, having been a shipwright in the past for Princess Yachts. With a great sense of humour and understanding of the sea, he has made many friends along his way and we wish him every success in achieving his goal!
31st July 2019

This morning the volunteer crew of Ramsgate RNLI attended Broadstairs Water Gala, continuing a tradition started in the 1970’s.

Sadly the sea was too rough to allow the public onto the all weather boat but they still pulled on the crowds with one mother saying, “how lovely it was to see there are still good people willing to help others”

There was much amusement in the crowds as the crew of the inshore lifeboat had to swim ashore as they were unable to moor up alongside the all weather boat due to the swell, especially when a life jacket inflated.

Thank you to Broadstairs Sailing Club for providing refreshments to the crew, much appreciated.
22nd July 2019

Thank you so much to the staff and customers of Wetherspoons for a fantastic weekend collecting there for RNLI Ramsgate Lifeboat. On Sunday £361.63 was raised making a grand total for the weekend of £714.15 Many thanks to all our hard working fundraisers for giving up their time and to Ray for his superb organisation.
12th July 2019

On Wednesday 10 July at 12:04pm the All-weather Lifeboat was launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a yacht on fire with a view to towing it back to Ramsgate.

Whilst the “Esme Anderson” made its way to the casualty the North East Spit Pilot Launch passing by saw the vessel alight and headed in its direction. The pilot boat then retrieved the family of three male adults and one teenager from their liferaft, took them aboard, along with their liferaft, and brought them back to Ramsgate.

Also during this time a wind farm vessel called “Typhoon Tow” had arrived on scene and using their fire hose, attempted to put the fire out. Once the all-weather boat arrived on scene the volunteer RNLI crew set up two further fire hoses and assisted in trying to put the fire out. After about three quarters hour of hosing the vessel down which was still burning in some areas, it took on sea water, as the level of the hull had burnt to the sea level and sank, fortunately into water deep enough to not cause any issues to other passing boats.

The obviously shaken family were welcomed with a cup of tea at the RNLI station where they explained that it was their maiden voyage in their yacht having collected it from Ipswich with the intention of a family holiday sailing it around the South coast and back to their home in the North of England. The fire had occurred when they switched the engine off, six miles off the North Foreland with the intention of putting the sails up to go sailing. The experienced crew on the yacht, who were all wearing life jackets, called Mayday then attempted to fight the fire with the two onboard fire extinguishers but realised that they were unable to contain it so launched their life raft and evacuated the yacht. They weren’t in it for long before the passing pilot boat spotted the smoke and came to assist. Fortunately the sea state was calm and so they were able to take the life raft as well as the family onboard.

In this instance everyone was safe but Ramsgate RNLI Coxswain Ian Cannon explained that the RNLI are unable to tow a burning yacht or bring one into a harbour which is why they attempted to put the fire out at sea. He added, “ when sailing always wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid, ensure everyone onboard knows how to call for help, get appropriate training and check your engine and fuel before every trip.”
Photo taken from onboard the Esme Anderson by Coxswain Ian Cannon
1st July 2019

It was glorious sunshine on Sunday 30th June, just perfect weather for our annual Croquet event at the Ramsgate Croquet Club. The event raised a fabulous £515.50, thank you so much to everybody who came to make this event such a success.
Sincere thanks to the Ramsgate Croquet Club for their wonderful hospitality and Tesco Westwood for their very generous Raffle Prize. And it was wonderful to have the Ramsgate Princess’s join us too!
Photo by Sarah Hewes
30th June 2019

Saturday 29th June marked the 20th Anniversary of the RAMSGATE RNLI’s website which was set up by Clive Lawford, one of our unsung hero’s who gives his time up freely for the station.

Many of you may know him as he was originally from Broadstairs, but I’m sure a lot of you won’t as he now lives in Norway with his family, from where he works tirelessly updating our website which has under gone its latest transformation only recently.  Below in his own words is a brief history of our website...

“In 1999 I was setting up my family history site "Clive's Family History Bookshelf" and at the same time I decided to make a page using the photos I had of the Ramsgate (England) Waveney class lifeboat 44-016 the "Ralph and Joy Swann". I had taken the photos to help me build a model of the 40-016, which I had chosen as a project at the Medway College of Design, where I was studying Industrial Modelmaking. I guess that my interest in the lifeboat service must stem from my father who was Deputy Launching Officer at Ramsgate for over 21 years.

Before long my page had turned into a site and my family history site had to be shelved. The next job was to find a title and "44-016 Ex Ramsgate Lifeboat" is what I decided on.

At this stage the site also included information on other Ramsgate lifeboats but after discussion with the Hon. Sec. at the Ramsgate branch of the RNLI, I was given permission to use this information as a basis for a "Ramsgate Lifeboat" web site.
It is quite often a surprise to people who write to me to find that I live in Norway. I was brought up in a place called Broadstairs, which borders on to Ramsgate. After my work had taken me to various places in England, I moved to Norway in 1986. It is perhaps no less of a surprise to me that the geographical area in which I live doesn't cause me any problems with my work on the site.”

Here’s to the next 20 years!
28th June 2019

Our station Mechanic Phill Mace being presented with a certificate by Coxswain Ian Cannon as he retires from active service on the inshore lifeboat.

This is not an actual full retirement as Phill will still be fully involved on the All Weather Boat and as full time station mechanic.
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