Ramsgate Lifeboat
28th June 2019

It was a fantastic Quiz Night at Grosvenor Casinos Thanet on Wednesday 26 June. They provided us with a great buffet and a superbly entertaining quiz. Thank you so much to everybody who so kindly supported us, £235 was raised for RNLI Ramsgate to help us keep saving lives at sea.

Sincere thanks to the Quizmaster Glenn Woodward and to all at Grosvenor Casinos.
26th June 2019

On the afternoon of Tuesday 25 June the all-weather boat Esme Anderson launched to a local angling boat fishing four miles off North Foreland.

The crew of the angling boat which had two onboard had reported that they had a fouled propeller, meaning that they had no propulsion and were unable to manoeuvre.

When the Lifeboat reached the scene it was discovered that it was the anchor rope that was fouling the propeller, with the anchor firmly held on the sea bed. Thankfully the sea was flat calm with little swell which enabled the volunteer crew of the all-weather boat to grab the anchor rope with a grapnel and using their capstan, manage to retrieve the anchor. The end of the anchor rope was detached from the anchor chain and passed back to the angling boat whilst the lifeboat retained the anchor and chain.

After passing a line to the casualty Esme Anderson towed the casualty back to Ramsgate Harbour where it was taken straight into the travel hoist, which is a crane designed to lift boats out of the water and move them around a harbour, where the remainder of the anchor rope could be removed. The Lifeboat then returned to station and was placed back on call.
The image above taken after the event by station Mechanic Phill Mace shows how badly wrapped around the shaft it was.
22nd June 2019

Thank you so much to all the generous customers at Tesco on High Sreet, Broadstairs, yesterday our Collection Day there raised £259.35 for RNLI Ramsgate.
20th June 2019
Ramsgate RNLI rescues woman cut off by the tide.

ILB launched at 1.50pm Thursday 20th June to rescue a lone lady walking along the beach from Ramsgate to Margate. When she reached Stone Bay she was caught out by a rising tide and in order to avoid the water she climbed up the actual cliff. Thankfully she had a mobile phone with her, as she was out of sight from the land, in order to raise the alarm.

The three volunteer crew managed to steer the ILB close to the cliffs where two of the crew entered the water to hold the rib still whilst the lady managed to jump into the boat.

They then dropped her safely off at Broadstairs, shaken but unharmed and then returned to station.

The picture is of a very wet member of crew Paul Ionescu sitting at helm of the ILB.
Photo by Karen Cox
19th June 2019
Ramsgate RNLI prove they're not stick in the muds!

On Saturday 15 June Ramsgate RNLI were called to a fourteen year old girl stuck in the mud in Ramsgate Harbour.

The alarm was raised by a crew member who was walking along the pontoon and saw the girl in difficulties in the mud. She had ventured down from the crosswall as part of a school project and found herself stuck and the more she struggled the worse it became. She was up to her knees in the mud when the harbour’s Dock Masters threw a life jacket down to her and told her to lie down to try to stop her from sinking further.

Thankfully due to the proximity of the Lifeboat Station the crew launched the XP boat, which is a small inflatable lifeboat carried on the all weather boat to get in close to casualties, and improvised using the spare stretcher from the station and a stretcher from a wind farm vessel to gain access to the girl.

Two of the volunteer crew made their way to the girl from ashore, literally lying down and pulling themselves across the mud and got her onto one of the stretchers. She was then pulled by the crew across the mud during which the toggle on the lifejacket got caught and inflated causing a moment of light relief and then onto the waiting XP boat and transferred to the western pontoon.

Once ashore she was handed over to the awaiting ambulance along with one of the crew who had ingested some of the mud and was feeling unwell. All were thankfully found to be ok with no lasting problems.

Caroline Hoyal, one of the crew members attending her said afterwards: 'She was so brave, and remained calm throughout. I’m not sure if I could have been so brave at that age under those circumstances. However she was extremely lucky that someone was around to raise the alarm, this could have had a very different ending. This is a working harbour and the mud is a dangerous place to be'.

'This story could so easily have had a different outcome if the young girl had ventured onto the mud an hour later with a fast incoming tide, and hadn’t been spotted, but thankfully the crew were in the right place at the right time'.
Photos Ramsgate RNLI/Jason Crome
13th June 2019

At 10.30am today, our volunteers and staff across the UK and Ireland joined the French community in remembering the three Les Sauveteurs en Mer - SNSM rescue crew members who tragically lost their lives last week.

The French President Emmanuel Macron attended a gathering at Les Sables-d’Olonne, the location where the rescue boat capsized. A minute’s silence was held, followed by the maritime community sounding its foghorns around the French coast. In solidarity, our lifeboat stations and lifeguard units lowered their flags to half-mast as a mark of respect and at our Support Centre in Poole staff members, led by Community Lifesaving Director John Payne, observed the silence at the RNLI Memorial Sculpture.

Our Chief Executive Mark Dowie said: ‘The news of this tragedy has been a shock to all of us in the lifesaving family and is a reminder of just how dangerous the sea can be. Our thoughts and condolences continue to be with all of those involved and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our French lifesaving colleagues.’

The three crew members were onboard a rescue boat that had gone to the aid of a fishing vessel, which had got into difficulty in winds of up to 80mph during Storm Miguel. Tragically, the rescue boat succumbed to the conditions and was capsized. Four of their fellow crew members managed to make it to shore. Sadly, the fisherman they were trying rescue is also missing.

Images are from the boathouse of the crew from Ramsgate RNLI taken by Sarah Hewes.
5th June 2019
Mayday Appeal

The Mayday Campaign is over for another year. We at RNLI Ramsgate are delighted with how all of our supporters have done their bit to fund our kit. Our collection days at Wetherspoons raised £802.90, the coffee morning at the Lifeboat Station raised £493.47 & the Mayday Badges and Collection Boxes raised £271.65 making a fantastic grand total of £1,568.00

Many thanks to RNLI Ramsgate Shop, RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk, Mariners Bar and the Royal Temple Yacht Club for hosting boxes of Mayday Badges and sincere thanks to everyone who so kindly supported the campaign in any way at all.

Photo by Sarah Hewes
8th May 2019
RNLI RAMSGATE Mayday Collection

Mayday is the RNLI’s yellow-themed annual fundraising campaign, which runs from 1-31 May. It’s a celebration of our volunteer lifeboat crews, who are on call 24 hours a day, every day, to save lives at sea. This year, the RNLI’s aim is to raise £700,000 nationally to fund the vital kit that protects them in all weathers.

Ramsgate RNLI’s fundraisers have been doing their bit by holding a two day Mayday Collection  at Wetherspoons in Ramsgate which took place over the 5th and 6th May.  The first day raised £405.03, and the second Mayday Collection Day raised £428.67 making a magnificent total of £833.70 for the weekend.

Sincere thanks to all our Fundraisers, the Staff at Wetherspoons who made us feel so very welcome and to their very generous customers.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
5th May 2019
Rescue 4th May

Volunteers from the Ramsgate RNLI crew rescued three people onboard a yacht which had broken down half a mile out to sea last night (Saturday).

They launched the inshore lifeboat at 8.40pm and once they reached the vessel attached a rope and towed it back to Ramsgate harbour. The crew towed the stricken yacht back into the safety of the harbour where they assisted in mooring it up safely on the pontoon. The yacht crew will make repairs before continuing their journey onto Brighton harbour.
Archive photo by Mark Stanford
22nd April 2019
We just wanted to share pictures of these lovely Easter gifts that were left outside RAMSGATE RNLI station over Easter.

Sadly there was no volunteer crew around to say thank you in person but please be assured that they are most grateful and really appreciate the gesture.
14th April 2019
Quiz evening

Our first Quiz Night of the year was a thoroughly enjoyable evening at Crampton Tower Main Hall which raised £353.50 for RNLI Ramsgate Lifeboat.

Sincere thanks to everyone who supported the event and a special thank you to Kevin and Janet from Crampton for all their hard work and for providing such an entertaining quiz.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
11th April 2019

Helly Hansen is a strategic partner of the RNLI, supplying new all-weather lifeboat crew kit, and at the end of March Ramsgate RNLI took delivery of their new equipment.

Here is a photograph taken whilst on exercise of some of the crew in their new kit.

Don’t they look smart!
17th March 2019

Our first collection day of 2019 raised a wonderful £664.97 thanks to the very generous customers at Asda in Broadstairs.

Sincere thanks to Ray and all the Fundraisers for all their hard work and to Tracey and all at Asda Broadstairs for making us feel so very welcome.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
28th February 2019
Illuminations cheque presentation

This afternoon in unseasonably warm weather Ramsgate RNLI were presented with a cheque for £802 by Rebekah Smith, Town Promoter for money raised by local small businesses during the Illuminations in December 2018. Also present was Martin Morgans from the Royal Temple Yacht Club who co-ordinated the annual event encouraging the boats to light up and who worked side by side with Ramsgate Town Council to include the local businesses and make it into an even bigger spectacle, one which attracted crowds from far and wide and even Europe.

This year was the largest light up of boats yet and huge crowds came to witness the event and also the laser light show that the Town Council arranged. The RNLI added to the spectacle by lighting up their relief Trent in the harbour and even managed to persuade Santa to come out for a tour of the harbour in atrocious weather.

The following local businesses contributed to the total raised by sponsoring an amount for each boat that lit up.

The Empire Rooms, The Little Ships, Thorley Taverns, The Goose, Albion House Hotel, Stonelees Golf Centre, York Street Gallery, Ravensgate Arms, Glendevon Guest House, Nice Things, McGillan and Woodell, Archive Home and Kitchen, Lovett of Ramsgate, The Greek Arch and Home Basics.

Ian Cannon, Coxswain of the RNLI said, ‘ We would like to thank everyone who took part in last years Illuminations, and we are happy to accept this cheque for £802 which will help us to continue saving lives at sea, as the RNLI is fully funded by voluntary contributions. ‘
L-R Phill Mace RNLI Mechanic, Ian Cannon RNLI Coxswain, Rebekah Smith Ramsgate Town Promoter and Martin Morgans from Royal Temple Yacht Club. Photo by Sarah Hewes
Father Christmas on the RNLI boat, and the lit up harbour. Photo by Brian Whitehead
21st February 2019

Local people may have heard about the Thanet Rock Hunters, a group who take the time to paint a picture on a rock and hide it around the coast in Thanet for others to find, keep if they wish or hide again for someone else to find.

To date our crew have found three rocks hidden by the Lifeboat station. We wanted to share this photo as they are lovely scenes taken during the Ramsgate Illuminations of our relief Trent decked out with Christmas lights in front of the museum, our Inshore lifeboat heading out to sea and one of the Trent passing the coast. In fact we liked them so much that we have decided to keep them at the station, and we have discovered that all three were painted by Anthony Thorne.
Photo by Karen Cox
21st February 2019
First launch of the Year

Thursday 21st February around 3pm Ramsgate RNLI launched for the first time this year. A local boat reported steering issues with 3 people onboard off North Foreland and the All-weather boat was launched as a precaution and escorted them safely back into Ramsgate Harbour. 
Photo by Karen Cox
13th February 2019

Ramsgate RNLI are pleased to support Thanet District Council’s production of Educational Resources to assist schools, youth groups and families wishing to visit our beaches and gain from the rich experiences to be found there. Full details, which include health and safety advice and information, can be found at www.visitthanet.co.uk/education/

The RNLI also has an Education Team which exists to help keep young people of all ages safe in and around the sea and to engage them with the RNLI’s work. As well as free education resources, there are a number of trained volunteers available throughout the country who, by prior arrangement, can visit your school or youth group to give a free presentation tailored to meet your needs and timings. To find out more you can go to www.rnli.org/education Alternatively you can telephone the RNLI Education on 01202 336330 or email them at education@rnli.org.uk
31st January 2019

One hundred years ago today 31st January, lifeboats from Ramsgate  and North Deal rescued 96 crew from the steamer, s.s. Piave, of New Jersey. They had launched two days before in rough seas and a blinding snow-storm to the vessel which had run aground.

On January 29th, 1919, the American steel cargo ship PIAVE, built in 1918 by Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. and owned at the time of her loss by U. S. Army Transport Service, on her maiden voyage from New York to Rotterdam with general cargo, ran aground on Goodwin Sands. PIAVE broke her back and sank into deeper waters, when attempts were made to re float her.

It had rolled onto its side, attempts to refloat the Piave proved unsuccessful but following a continuous period of forty-eight hours at sea without rest and in terrible conditions, the lifeboats returned with the last of the survivors.
21st January 2019
Many thanks to the Royal Albion for kindly allowing us to put on a Christmas Cards Sale today. Thanks to their generous customers we sold £38 of cards, calendars and diaries.

Now that the Sale is over Christmas Cards are available from the Boathouse Broadstairs in the harbour.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
16th January 2019
First Fundraisers Meeting of 2019
Our first Fundraisers Meeting of 2019 was rather different as we had a meal together at the Racing Greyhound to celebrate our efforts in raising over £26,000 for RNLI Ramsgate Lifeboat in 2018.

It was fantastic to see so many RNLI Ramsgate & Broadstairs Fundraisers, RNLI Ramsgate Shop & RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk Volunteers celebrating together, we were also very pleased to have Tatti McNally, Visitor Experience Manager, South East joining us for the meal.

Sincere thanks to all at the Racing Greyhound for hosting the meal and for the very much enjoyed food & service. Thanks also to Ron for organising it all for us so efficiently.

At the end of the meal Tatti expressed her appreciation of the Fundraisers, Shop and Kiosk efforts and she then went on to present an award to Jean Hefford in recognition of her outstanding work as Souvenir Secretary at the RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk. Jean said the award was for all the Kiosk Volunteers and thanked everybody who had volunteered at the Kiosk and everybody who had supported it during 2018.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
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