Ramsgate Lifeboat
15th January 2019
Gravesend RNLI lifeboat at Ramsgate for service
Yesterday we received an overnight guest, the B827 Olive Laura Deare II from Gravesend RNLI. It was decided that it made economic sense to have its annual service down at Ramsgate where we have our own lifting equipment along with the closeness to the station of the Service Support Team. Her crew Natalie and Steve had a good journey round if a bit bumpy in places and made the journey in 2 hours.

After her service the lifeboat set off on its return journey on this morning.
Photo by Karen Cox
15th January 2019
The Broadstairs Babes Christmas Raffle
Our Secretary Jean receiving a cheque for £200 from Diane Springett. This was raised from a Christmas Raffle held by a social group called The Broadstairs Babes who meet at The Pavilion on the Sands Broadstairs.

Sincere thanks to the Broadstairs Babes.
Photo organised by Jean Hefford
17th December 2018
Santa wishes the crew of Ramsgate RNLI a Merry Christmas
Last Saturday 15 December Santa took time out of his busy schedule to take a tour of the harbour on relief Trent lifeboat ‘Dora Foster McDougall’ .

The event was to support the towns Illuminations which has been held for the past five years to raise money for Ramsgate RNLI.  Over seventy five yachts in the inner harbour have been decorated in Christmas lights and the event draws crowds from home and away. This year for the first time a relief Trent has been based in Ramsgate and the Town Team donated money for it to be decorated over the Christmas period.

As a way of thanking the town for supporting the RNLI which is entirely funded by public donations, the crew decided to ask Santa along for a tour of the harbour which he thoroughly enjoyed, waving and wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. Sadly the weather was dreadful which kept the expected crowds away but everyone took to Twitter and Facebook to thank the crew for everything they had done. The lifeboat was full to capacity as the volunteer crew all wanted to meet Santa and check that they were on his good list, which he assured them they were. 

The coxswain Ian Cannon said that he had considered cancelling the event as it was so cold and raining hard, however how could the RNLI who brave all weathers to save lives at sea cancel an event because of a bit of rain!
Santa onboard the relief Trent ‘Dora Foster McDougall’ photo by Steve Burton.
The lifeboat touring the harbour with the yachts lit up in the back ground. Photo by Brian Whitehead.
9th December 2018
Christingle Fair
The Christmas Stall at the Christingle Fair in the Pavilion in Broadstairs Sunday 9th December  was a very enjoyable event for our RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk Volunteers. Takings were £92.60, and we would like to say many thanks to everybody who kindly supported them and to all at the Pavilion.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
7th December 2018
St. George's Church Christmas Tree Festival
Our RNLI Christmas Tree is now finished and is ready for visitors to see at the St. George's Church Christmas Tree Festival which starts  Friday 7th December . Decorated by home made yellow wellies knitted by our supporters it looks beautiful. Please support the St. George's Restoration Appeal and spend an enjoyable time looking at all the different decorated trees.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
29th November 2018
Ramsgate RNLI assist in saving historic boat from sinking
On Tuesday 27 November at 16.50 Ramsgate RNLI received an unusual call from the Harbour Master Rob Brown asking for their assistance with a museum boat that was rapidly taking on water and in danger of sinking in the inner harbour.

The "Cervia" is a tug which was built during the Second World War in 1945 for the Ministry of War and originally named Empire Raymond. In her long career she assisted in the rescue of the Cunard liner "Queen Elizabeth" when she went aground in 1947, capsized and sank with the loss of her skipper and four crew whilst towing the P&O liner "Arcadia" from Tilbury Docks. Raised two days later she made a trip to  Ramsgate for a refit. She was sold for preservation to the Medway Maritime Museum in 1971 but returned to towing work in the North Sea two years later, ending up back in Ramsgate as a port tug before being placed into Ramsgate Maritime Museum in 1985, firstly in dry dock and then in the inner marina.

Sadly she had developed a hole in her hull about the size of a football and water was pouring in fast. The crew found themselves fighting against the rising water but initially managed to control the ingress.
The crew onboard the Cervia manning the pumps. Photo by crew member Neil Morgan.

When daylight arrived the battle appeared to be lost and the tug was now sitting on the sand as the pumps onboard were unable to control the flow. It then became a joint venture with the Fire Brigade  and the RNLI pumping the seawater out, and divers inspecting the hull. During the day they managed to control the water with sandbags using the more powerful pumps of the Fire-service so that eventually they were able to stem the majority of the water and place a plate over the hole.
29th November 2018
Right place right time!
For the past 5 years the boat owners in Ramsgate Royal Harbour have lit up their boats in December to raise money for Ramsgate RNLI.

This event has attracted television coverage worldwide and people travel from Europe and all over England to witness it.

Back in September Ramsgate’s Press Officer Karen was enjoying a coffee and a gossip with the crew at the station after they had returned from a shout, and the discussion moved onto this years event. The Illuminations Committee had asked the station if it was possible to move a boat into a previously dark area of the harbour within the inner harbour. The relief Mersey “Lady of Hilbre” that is usually stored out of the water and always decorated with lights was unable to go into the water for long periods due to having an aluminium hull which cannot be anti-fouled,so that couldn’t be used.

Now it so happened that day Jon Rudd the Divisional Maintenance Manager for RNLI was in the station at the time. He was due to retire shortly but wanted to help Ramsgate RNLI support the local town. There are 100 relief lifeboats in the RNLI fleet based at our stations around the UK, ready to temporarily replace station lifeboats whenever they require regular or emergency maintenance. For example the “Lady of Hilbre” is based at Ramsgate to provide cover for Margate RNLI. Arrangements were made for a relief Trent to be based at Ramsgate over the Christmas period and provide cover for Ramsgate, Sheerness and also Gorleston-on-Sea at Great Yarmouth, and this could be moored in the darkest area of the harbour not only providing a beacon of light during the Illuminations but also a beacon of hope to all mariners if it’s services are required at sea.

Last Saturday that boat arrived into Ramsgate , the "Dora Foster McDougall" 14-24 Trent class and after essential maintenance work has been carried out on her, she will be moved into the harbour to take pride of place in the Ramsgate Illuminations.

If you are free over December we can recommend a trip down to Ramsgate to see the lights. Without the support from all of our volunteers and the public we cannot do our job of saving lives at sea as we are entirely funded by public donations.
The photo above was taken by RNLI Ramsgate’s Treasurer and enthusiastic amateur photographer Steve Burton of last years event.
26th November 2018
Busy Fundraising Weekend
Our hardworking Fundraisers were collecting for RNLI Ramsgate Lifeboat yesterday at the Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate and £264.65 was raised making a grand total of £608.71 raised over the weekend. Sincere thanks to the very generous customers at Wetherspoons.

Many thanks for all the hard work by our Fundraisers & Volunteers who gave up so much of their time to make the four events over the weekend so successful.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
26th November 2018
A visitor to Ramsgate
Saturday 24th November we had a new arrival into Ramsgate, a Trent relief lifeboat 14-24 called “Dora Foster McDougall” which has come to Ramsgate for maintenance work and will then be moved into the inner harbour and moored up on the heritage pontoon, and decorated with Christmas lights to brighten a dark area in the harbour for the Ramsgate Illuminations.
Photo by Nigel Hefford
25th November 2018
Co-op Local Cause Scheme Report
Last year Ramsgate RNLI fund Raising Team applied to be a charity on the Co-op Local Cause Scheme, they were accepted and linked with the Co-op Grange Road Store, Co-op Funeral Care & Co-op Petrol Store in Minster. As a member of the scheme the RNLI undertook to hold two information days at Grange Road and Minster.

A really good relationship was built over the year with the staff at the Grange Road Store, they supported us with raffle prizes for some of our fundraising events and one member of staff, Harrison, decided to run events for us as part of his role development. Harrison took it upon himself to organise a raffle in aid of RNLI Ramsgate Lifeboat which started on 25th September and was drawn on 10th November. He also organised two collection days at the Grange Road Store in November and a cake stall for the final National payout day.

Members of Ramsgate RNLI crew, volunteer fund raising team and supporters were on hand for the presentation of a cheque to Coxswain Ian Cannon by store manager Darren and his team for the National Local Causes Scheme and then a further £515.38 was presented which was raised by the collection days, raffles and cake stall making a grand total of £5897.88.

This is a fabulous amount of money and Ramsgate RNLI would like to express their heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, customers, staff and supporters for their generosity.
Store manager Darren presenting the cheque to Coxswain Ian Cannon.
Harrison with a RNLI volunteer on the cake stall.
Photos by Sarah Hewes
24th November 2018
24th November 2018
The volunteers from the RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk held their final Christmas Stall of the seaon at the Pavilion today. The takings were £53.40, many thanks to the staff of the Pavilion for hosting us and their generous customers.
Photo by Jean Hefford
22nd November 2018
A flashback to warmer times

The Fishing Competition which took place in the summer and was organised by Dawn and Jason Parrott to raise money for Ramsgate RNLI.

Thank you to Hannah and her team from Buckleup films for the video.
18th November 2018
Lifeboat Magazine article
Issue 625 of the Lifeboat Magazine has an article about Ramsgate volunteer crew member Harry Hughes on page 41. Read how he proposed to long term girlfriend Kerry on the main sands at Ramsgate during an exercise and the birth of their child Theodore.
Photo by Chris Cox
17th November 2018
Christmas Stall
Our hard working volunteers ran a Christmas Stall at the Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs  today realising a total sales of £144.55, many thanks to everybody who supported us and for the kindness shown to us by the staff of the Royal Albion.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
11th November 2018
Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day 11th November 2018, the One Hundred year anniversary and our volunteer crew were on hand to pay their respects. The crew met at the Boat house and then walked up the High Street to a packed St Georges Church where crew members Neil Morgan and Becky Cannon were amongst many people laying wreaths in remembrance of those who gave their lives for us during the First World War.
Photo by Steve Burton
9th November 2018
Quiz Night
We had a most enjoyable Quiz Night on Saturday, 3rd November at Christchurch School. £452 was raised, sincere thanks to all who supported and organised the event.
Photo by Sarah Hewes
5th November 2018
Busy Saturday for the RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk Volunteers
Our RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk Volunteers had a very busy day on Saturday 3rd November doing two Christmas Stalls at the same time.

The stall at St. Philip's Church in Palm Bay Margate realised takings of £131.15 and the stall at the Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs realised takings of £188.90. Sincere thanks to Daphne and all at St. Philip's Church, and to Aram and all at the Royal Albion Hotel and everybody at both venues who so kindly supported our stalls.
Photo by Eric Burton
29th October 2018
Ramsgate RNLI launched to retrieve a dog and owner from stricken catamaran
On Saturday 27 October Ramsgate’s all-weather lifeboat ‘Esme Anderson’ was called to assist Walmer RNLI’s lifeboat which is an A85 which had been launched to a forty five foot catamaran.

The catamaran had called up with engine failure two miles off Deal pier and had only one man onboard with his dog. When the crew arrived on the scene they found that due to the weather and strong sea conditions Walmer RNLI was unable to tow the yacht into Ramsgate Harbour. A spokesman for the RNLI said that “ the owner had taken the precaution of wearing a life jacket himself and his dog was also wearing one. Preparation for any sea journey is so important as weather conditions can deteriorate quickly at sea. “ The crew from the ‘Esme Anderson’ was able to attach a line and then towed the casualty back into Ramsgate Harbour.
Photo by Walmer RNLI
23rd October 2018
Ramsgate RNLI in an 8 hour operation to rescue disabled yacht
Tuesday morning at 6.40am the all-weather lifeboat ‘Esme Anderson’ was launched to a twenty six metre yacht with hydraulic failure twenty nine miles North East of Ramsgate.

When the lifeboat arrived on the scene they found that the crew of four onboard were in trouble due to a hydraulic failure which meant that they were unable to lower the sails. With strong winds of force five to six and two metre swells the yacht was at the mercy of the wind. To make matters worse the hydraulics also controlled the 4.5 metre keel meaning they were unable to take shelter in a harbour due to the draught of the yacht.

The crew of the lifeboat escorted the yacht into the comparative protection from the wind off the coast of Ramsgate where they were able to put a crew member onboard. The deputy RNLI mechanic was able to manually lift the keel so that they were able to head into the harbour but they were unable to drop the sails. However with assistance from the lifeboat they were able to moor the boat up against the pontoon where they could safely await an engineer. The whole operation took over eight hours which meant that the mainly volunteer crew missed most of their working day. The RNLI truly appreciates the dedication of our volunteer crews and their understanding employees, without whom we could not continue to save lives at sea.
Photos by Sarah Hewes
22nd October 2018
Convoy Evening
Sincere thanks to everybody who attended our Convoy Evening held at Royal Pavilion Wetherspoons in Ramsgate on Sunday 21st October. We raised £248.42 for RNLI Ramsgate Lifeboat to help us continue in Saving Lives at Sea. A great evening was had by all playing Convoy which definitely brings out the competitiveness in people.

A special thank you to Bernard Sparkes, the creator of Convoy from Play the Game for all his enthusiasm and hard work, your efforts Bernard are very much appreciated. Also a huge well done to Sarah and her team for all her efforts fund raising for Ramsgate RNLI, a lot of hard work had gone into this evening.
Photo Left to Right Clive Nicholls crew, Caroline Hoyal crew, Karen Cox press officer, Caroline Matthews RNLI shop volunteer. Photo by Sarah Hewes. 
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