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27th February 2016


A few photos from today’s exercise with the Coastguard helicopter



Photos Steve Burton

20th February 2016


Dutch lifeboat visit


The Dutch lifeboat 'Antoinette', based at Stellendam in the Netherlands, called in at Ramsgate lifeboat station for a break whilst on a shake down trip across the Channel following a recent refit.

Photos Sarah Hewes

1st February 2016


Ramsgate RNLI help Upton School with swimming pool repair


Ramsgate lifeboat cox’n Ian Cannon was approached by crew member Neil Morgan on behalf of Upton Junior School, Broadstairs for help in pumping out the school’s swimming pool which was to undergo repair.


The school was one of very few in the area that had its own pool and consequently also provided swimming opportunities for other local schools and youth groups over many years. The pool had recently been found to be in need of extensive repairs and much local fundraising was taking place to facilitate this. Unfortunately, one of the things not working was the internal electrics to empty the pool.


In view of the reserve Mersey class lifeboat (RNLB Margaret Jean 12-21) currently being kept and maintained at Ramsgate Cox’n Cannon thought it may be possible to use its salvage pump to empty the pool. Having sought permission from District Operations Manager Alan Head, which was readily agreed. Ian and crew members delivered the pump to the school on Monday 1 February where they were greeted by Deputy Head Dave Walker and Year 6 pupils and the pool pump out began.

1st February 2016


Good Fundraising Result


The Ramsgate and Broadstairs Lifeboat Fundraisers wish to thank the management and staff of Sainsbury’s, Westwood for allowing us to collect in their store on Saturday, 30 January and all who donated achieving the excellent total of £811.12.


The group are also looking for more people to help in the RNLI kiosk in Harbour Street, Broadstairs during the summer season to enable it to be open on a longer and more regular basis. If you can help, even for the occasional couple of hours, or would like to know more, please contact Michael Bon on 01843 861253.

29th January 2016


Lifeboat Operations Manager retires


Ron Cannon, our Lifeboat Operations Manager, retired on the 27th January 2016 after 52 years serving with the RNLI.


Ron joined the institution in 1964 as an AWB crewmember, then progressed to Bowman, followed by 2nd Coxswain, before becoming the station Coxswain/Mechanic when our Waveney class AWB came on station in 1976.


Ron remained Coxswain/Mechanic until his retirement in 2001, and continued for a short while as a Deputy Launching Authority, then the LOM.


Ron has received many awards in his time with the institution including 2 RNLI silver medals.


Ron will be carrying on his involvement with the station as a member of the Branch Committee.


Those of us who have served and worked alongside Ron would like to thank him for his commitment to the station and the RNLI.


We are pleased to have Ray Noble as our new LOM. Ray served for many years aboard 3 different classes of AWB at Ramsgate, starting on the Waveney Class, and was also a Helmsman on our ILB's, before retiring and becoming a DLA.

22nd December 2015


Station book reviewed by the Lifeboat Enthusiasts’ Society


Tony Denton of the Lifeboat Enthusiasts’ Society recently reviewed the RNLI Station Histories in their Newsletter and said of the Ramsgate book:


Written by John and Vanessa Ray this A5 112 page book covers the period in the 1800s before the RNLI took over in 1865 up to the present day. It explains the use of steam tugs to tow the lifeboats and covers in detail some of the more important rescues. It covers in detail the superb work done through the Second World War including Operation Dynamo and pays tribute to the flank stations and their close co-operation. It remembers the part played by the inshore lifeboats and their crews, as well as the Beach Rescue teams not forgetting the fund raisers and souvenir sellers. In all this well-illustrated book has a fine balance between Lifeboat and personnel which makes fascinating reading.


Copies of the book can be obtained at £8.95 in person from the Ramsgate RNLI shop within the Custom House on Harbour Parade or by post via

15th December 2015


Reserve Lifeboat at Ramsgate


As well as maintaining a fleet of lifeboats at lifeboat stations the RNLI also has a fleet of reserve lifeboats of all types. These boats are kept at various locations around our coasts in a state of immediate readiness so that they can into go into service to replace a station lifeboat that needs to undergo urgent repair or periodic maintenance.


Such a Mersey Class lifeboat has recently arrived at Ramsgate where it will be maintained by the lifeboat station’s crew. In the meantime it is being used to support Ramsgate Marina Association and the Royal Temple Yacht Club in the marina illuminations.


Ramsgate RNLI’s cox’n and crew, the station’s management team and fundraisers would like to thank all who have supported us during the past year and wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.


Photo John Ray

19th November 2015


Lifeboat launch in strong gale


On18th November 3:24pm the all weather lifeboat (AWB) launched to assist a local fishing vessel with an intermittent engine problem at the back of the harbour pier. On arrival at the scene the fishing vessel was making it's own way, so the AWB escorted it into the harbour in case the engine failed again, whilst entering. The wind was SW force 9 (Strong gale 50mph) with rough seas. Sadly for a group of children from a local school who had been visiting the lifeboat station during the afternoon this launch took place about ten minutes after they had left. Earlier they had been watching from the boathouse when it was thought that the lifeboat may have to launch to assist a yacht entering the harbour but this did not need to take place!

21st August 2015


Obituary - Jim Lyne


It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Jim Lyne passed away on the evening of Monday 17th August 2015. Jim had been a member of the committee since 1976 and for most of that time held the position of treasurer. Jim was always a strong supporter of the station and will be greatly missed by all that knew and worked with him. R.I.P. Jim.

21st June 2015


Ramsgate lifeboat takes part in Waterloo 200 commemorative event


The organisers of the Waterloo 200 event requested the presence of Ramsgate RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat off Broadstairs’ Viking Bay during the morning of Saturday 20 June for the re-enactment of the arrival in England of the Waterloo Dispatch.


This was the first part of a weekend of national celebrations commemorating the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. The celebrations culminated in an all-day event on Horse Guards Parade in London on Sunday.


In 1815, following the Duke of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon’s army, the Duke sent one of his uninjured aides, Major Henry Percy, to take news of his victory and two captured French ‘Eagles’ to the British government and the Prince Regent in London. Major Percy boarded the frigate, HMS Peruvian, in Ostend but the vessel became becalmed in sight of England. The vessel’s master, Captain James White, ordered four of his crew aboard a small boat and he, Major Percy and the crew members rowed ashore, landing at the Main Bay (as Viking Bay was then called), Broadstairs at 3.00pm on 21 June. Captain White and Major Percy then hired a carriage and four horses and headed to London where they arrived and delivered the news at 10.00pm.


On Saturday actors playing the parts of Major Percy and Captain White were rowed ashore where they were greeted by the town’s mayor, a large crowd and the Band of the Royal Engineers. After speeches, ‘Major Percy’ and ‘Captain Smith’ left in a horse-drawn carriage and later that afternoon would take part in a service at Canterbury Cathedral before heading to London for the Sunday event.


Historical note: Major Henry Percy was a grandson of the then Duke of Northumberland. Dukes of Northumberland have held management roles in the RNLI on many occasions since its formation. The Fourth Duke, who became the Institution’s President in 1851, is, along with Secretary Richard Lewis, credited with forming the basis of the RNLI organisation we know today. At the event at Broadstairs on Saturday the Royal Navy was represented by the frigate HMS Northumberland.


Photos Steve Burton and John Ray

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