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2nd December 2014


Local fundraisers


Ramsgate RNLI were recently presented with a cheque for £540 by Harveys furniture store at Westwood. This followed the store's recent re-launch weekend during which Ramsgate RNLI fundraisers were invited to sell souvenirs. Pictured are Harveys Manager Jason Callaway handing the cheque to Ramsgate RNLI's Ray Noble with members of the crew, fundraisers team and Harveys' staff. All at Ramsgate lifeboat are grateful for Harveys' support.

21st October 2014


Ramsgate RNLI crew member gains tall ship experience


Ramsgate RNLI's crew member Jason Tilbury was recently successful in gaining a sponsored place aboard a tall ship for a week’s sailing experience.


Trinity House had generously agreed to sponsor places for up to twenty RNLI volunteers for a voyage on the tall ship training vessel Stavros S Niarchos. A circular was sent to all RNLI lifeboat stations and lifeguard managers seeking volunteers and as a result Jason successfully applied and, with the other RNLI volunteers, joined the two-masted 60m. brig Stavros S Niarchos at Southampton on 6 October.


The vessel is run by the Tall Ships Youth Trust and, as on this occasion, also provides voyages for adults up to the age of 80 who, in paying for the experience, help supplement the Trust’s income. The vessel has a permanent crew of six who are aided on each voyage by a number of experienced volunteers who assist in training the, up to forty-eight, novice crew members.


Sailing on the brig is very much a working experience and trainees are organised into three watches to work, under the guidance of the permanent crew and volunteers, throughout the day and night when the vessel is at sea. The trainees have the opportunity to experience most aspects of being at sea on a large sailing ship from steering it to climbing the masts and going out on the yardarms and, of course, keeping it clean and tidy during the daily ‘happy hour’!


In all Jason’s voyage covered some 272 nautical miles around a third of which was under sail and included an evening in Dieppe before arriving back in Southampton on 11 October. Jason describes the whole experience as incredible and something he would like to repeat possibly as a volunteer deck hand. He said that the only possible downside was that he missed the naming ceremony for the new Ramsgate inshore lifeboat which was on 10 October but knowing what he does now and given the choice he would have chosen his time aboard the Stavros S Niarchos.


Photos Jason Tilbury (bottom) and Ray Nobel (top)

15th October 2014


HRH The Princess Royal names new Ramsgate lifeboat Claire and David Delves


Volunteer lifeboat crew and invited guests witnessed HRH The Princess Royal name Ramsgate RNLI’s new lifeboat in a special ceremony on Friday 10 October.


The Atlantic 85 class lifeboat has been funded in part by David Delves, a Norfolk native who lived in Kent for many years and was an avid supporter of the charity that saves lives at sea.


Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, attended the lifeboat station to meet volunteer crew and local dignitaries and officially name the new lifeboat Claire and David Delves. Her Royal Highness also re-dedicated the boathouse, which was extended in order to house the lifeboat – this work was funded by the charitable organisation, Trinity House.


David Delves died in January 2007, but left a gift in his will to the RNLI to purchase an inshore lifeboat to be based at a lifeboat station in the charity’s eastern region. The new lifeboat replaced the station’s previous inshore lifeboat, the Atlantic 75 class, Bob Turnbull. This lifeboat was launched on more than 450 services since she went operational at Ramsgate in the year 2000.


Speaking at the naming ceremony, Richard Lewis, representing David Delves, said: ‘I first got to know David and Claire many years ago, not only were they enthusiastic supporters of the Spading RNLI branch, they were also great foodies. In 1998 they combined the two interests and produced a book of recipes, all the proceeds of which went to the RNLI.


‘I had many conversations with the couple, especially David after the sad death of Claire, and he was determined to fund a lifeboat. He did considerable research to see what he could achieve and I know that if he and Claire could have been here today they would have been immensely proud, and quite rightly so. Although born in Essex, David lived for many years in Kent so it is appropriate that his legacy lives on here in Ramsgate.’


The new lifeboat, Claire and David Delves, was delivered to Ramsgate lifeboat station on Monday 22 September and, following crew training and familiarisation, went operational on Wednesday 24 September.


Photos Steve Burton/RNLI

27th August 2014


Three Ramsgate ILB call outs in one day


Ramsgate RNLI' s inshore lifeboat (ILB) launched three times on Tuesday 26 August.

At 11:55am the ILB was launched to a small 6m boat, with two people on board, which had broken down and was taking in water at the River Stour entrance in Ramsgate’s Pegwell Bay. The boat was towed to the lifeboat station but after being moored sank suddenly before the ILB crew could get aboard with a pump. The casualty was lifted sufficiently to enable the salvage pump to clear water from it and once re-floated it was lifted out of the water by the harbour’s travel hoist.


At 3:24pm the ILB launched to investigate a report of a red flare in Pegwell Bay. The crew searched the area thoroughly until notified that the red flare had been let off accidentally. The ILB then returned to station and the call treated as a false alarm with good intent.


The third call at 9.46pm was to assist a person who had fallen off a boat moored in Ramsgate’s inner harbour and could not get back on board. As it was low water the ILB could not get into the inner harbour but dressed in their dry suits and life jackets the crew quickly went to the scene to give assistance. On arrival they found the fire brigade and paramedics already on the scene and the person safely out of the water.

25th August 2014


Busy day for Ramsgate lifeboat crew


During high tide on Sunday 24 August both of Ramsgate RNLI's lifeboats moored in the tidal inner harbour in support of the annual ‘flag week’ collection, attracting much public attention. Earlier in the day the inshore lifeboat (ILB) had been out escorting entrants in the town’s Swimming Club’s annual Ramsgate to Broadstairs swim.

At 1.45pm, shortly before the lifeboats were due to leave, a request was received from the Coastguard for the all-weather lifeboat (AWB) to go the assistance of 10m barge with overheating problems and currently under tow by a local yacht 15 miles east of Ramsgate. As the lifeboat was leaving the harbour piers, however, the crew noticed people aboard a small speedboat waving for assistance.


With the barge in no immediate danger the lifeboat quickly towed the speedboat, which had one child, four adults and a dog on board, safely into the marina and immediately resumed its journey to the barge. On reaching the casualty the lifeboat took over the tow from the yacht and towed it safely into Ramsgate Harbour, arriving at 4.25pm.

18th August 2014


Ramsgate Lifeboat launches 3 times on Sunday at start of ‘Ramsgate Week’


Ramsgate RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat (AWB) launched three times on Sunday 17 August, in increasing winds and choppy seas, to assist yachts taking part in races on the first day of ‘Ramsgate Week’, the town’s annual sailing event.


The first launch, at 10:52am, was to a yacht with an injured crewman, at the end of the Ramsgate Approach Channel. On arrival on scene two of the RNLI crew were transferred to the yacht, via a rib that was in attendance. The two crewmen then assessed the casualty and found him to have a head injury and an injured shoulder and therefore carried out treatment as required. As the casualty was alert and talking it was decided to leave him on the yacht with the RNLI crewmen, rather than transfer him from boat to boat in the choppy seas. The AWB escorted the yacht into Ramsgate Harbour, where the casualty was reassessed by the awaiting ambulance crew. He was then able to climb off the yacht and walk to the ambulance with assistance.


At 1:41pm the AWB launched to another injured yachtsman taking part in the race, who was hit on the head with the spinnaker pole. On scene the yachtsman was transferred to the AWB, along with one of his fellow crewmen, and was assessed by the RNLI crew. The AWB then took the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour and handed him over to the awaiting paramedic, who advised that he be taken to A & E as a precaution.


At 2:55pm the AWB launched again to the same yacht which had now suffered engine failure and was unable to sail due to failure in their rigging. The AWB towed yacht safely into the harbour.

30th June 2014


Eventful visit for local school


With ninety children present at the boathouse on an educational visit on Friday 27 June Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) was called out.


The ILB launched at 11.07am to a person cut off by the tide at Dumpton Gap, between Ramsgate and Broadstairs. The volunteer crew managed to get the person and their dog aboard the ILB and bring them safely back to the lifeboat station from where they were collected and taken home by a family member.


The school’s visit followed an earlier presentation about beach and water safety at Ellington Infants School in Ramsgate by the locally based RNLI Education presenters. The children, accompanied by their teachers and all from the school’s Year 2, were being shown around the boats and boathouse in smaller groups when things first started to change.


The lifeboat crew were asked to move the all-weather lifeboat (AWB), usually moored alongside the boathouse, to another pontoon within the harbour to allow access to the dredger hired by the local council. Although some of the children had yet to go on board the AWB they seemed just as interested in seeing it move across the harbour. Then with the pagers going off and the children all being quickly moved to the safety of the boathouse crewroom they had a ‘grandstand’ view of the ILB launch and were able to listen to progress on the marine radio receiver.


Despite the changes the children seemed to enjoy the more practical visit which reinforced some of things they had learned about sea safety. Although they had to return to school before the ILB returned many of them expressed a concern about those being rescued so the school was later informed of the successful outcome so that the children could be told.


31st May 2014


Ramsgate launch to yacht on Goodwins


Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore (ILB) and all-weather (AWB) lifeboats launched at 4.54pm on Friday 30 May to assist a yacht aground on the Goodwin Sands.


The 13m. Belgian yacht with five people aboard was firmly aground on the Sands on a falling tide and could not be towed off. It was decided to take the crew members off the yacht to the safety of Ramsgate and the ILB crew transferred the five crew members to the AWB in fairly calm seas and both lifeboats returned to Ramsgate.


As the yacht could have become a shipping hazard the lifeboats launched again at 10.30pm as the tide was rising. Upon reaching the yacht, and as soon as it was felt that there was enough sea under it, the ILB crew managed to tow the yacht off the Sands. With the yacht apparently undamaged the tow was transferred to the AWB and the lifeboats reached the harbour at 1.00am where the yacht was reunited with its crew.

31st March 2014


BBC Broadcaster pays second visit to Ramsgate RNLI


Following her rather inauspicious first visit to Ramsgate lifeboat station, in a small boat on the end of a tow rope after being rescued, broadcaster Sally Kettle returned to the station on Monday, 31st. March to thank and chat to members of the station team and the crew who rescued her.


With colleague Charlene Ayres, experienced rower Sally was rescued by Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat in the early hours of 6th. June 2013 after getting into difficulties whilst taking part in the “Round Britain Rowing Challenge”.


Sally, who has twice rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, hopes to talk about her rescue and the work of the RNLI in a future broadcast. To find out more about Sally and her work visit her web site at


Sally is pictured with two of the RNLI crew members who rescued her, Lance Oram (left) and Wayne Goldfinch.

11th February 2014




At Ramsgate RNLI's recent management team committee meeting it was announced that several committee members were to receive awards from the RNLI in recognition of their continuous long service, in all totalling more than 150 years. Jim Lyne, vice-chairman, is to receive a bar to his gold badge, Eric Burton, chairman, Bill Crawford, president, and Elsie Miller, minutes secretary, are to receive gold badges and Steve Burton, treasurer, is to receive a statuette. Congratulations to them all!

Ramsgate Lifeboat

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