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11th December 2013


Christmas Lights


With many vessels around the marina currently adorned with lights Ramsgate lifeboat crew members have joined in the Christmas celebration by lighting up its current "gate guardian" - the reserve Mersey class lifeboat "RNLB Peggy and Alex Caird" (pictured).


As a number of people have asked about this lifeboat and why it is on the quay here's the explanation - the RNLI maintains a number of lifeboats of different types which are kept in reserve and used to replace similar station lifeboats when they have to come out of service for any period of time to undergo maintenance and/or repair.


This reserve lifeboat, temporarily at Ramsgate, was the first of 10 of the Mersey class boats built for service in the RNLI all with an aluminium hull which means that the boat cannot lay afloat, like Ramsgate's own lifeboat, as prolonged submersion in salt water would have a corrosive affect upon the hull. It was anticipated that this type of boat would be used at lifeboat stations with a slipway or trailer launch and spend much of its time out of the sea. All subsequent versions of this class of lifeboat, such as the Margate lifeboat, had hulls constructed of the more durable GRP.


All associated with the Ramsgate RNLI lifeboats would like to wish everyone "a Happy and Peaceful Christmas" and thank all who have supported us and the RNLI in the past year.


5th December 2013


Ramsgate’s lifeboats assist sinking cabin cruiser.


Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats were called out at 12.54pm on Wednesday, 4th. December to assist a 30ft. cabin cruiser with two people on board that had lost engine power and was taking in water off the Thanet Offshore Windfarm.


With windfarm service vessels standing by the casualty, which had spent two days sailing from The Netherlands, the faster inshore lifeboat carrying a salvage pump was the first of the rescuers to arrive on the scene and an RNLI crew member was immediately transferred on board the cabin cruiser, along with the pump.


With much of the water pumped from the casualty a further two RNLI crew members from the all weather lifeboat were transferred onboard to assess the condition of the vessel and to make fast a tow line. The all weather lifeboat then proceeded to tow the vessel back to Ramsgate with the inshore lifeboat standing alongside in case it became necessary to abandon ship.


Once under way the RNLI crew members aboard the casualty checked to make sure that the vessel was not taking in too much water and remained on board in case the salvage pump was required again. Once they were satisfied that all was well the inshore lifeboat was released from service.


Whilst the all weather lifeboat continued the tow to Ramsgate Harbour the RNLI crew aboard the casualty managed to restart its engine and as the boats approached the harbour the casualty was released from its tow and able to make its way to a berth and the awaiting Coastguard whilst the lifeboat initially stood by and then recovered the three RNLI crew members and returned to the lifeboat station.

21th September 2013


Local runners present cheque to Ramsgate RNLI


Grateful members of the Ramsgate RNLI team were pleased to meet Spencer Hoult of Thanet Roadrunners when he visited the boathouse on Friday, 20th. September to present them with a cheque.


Spencer, who was the Roadrunners' race director for the club's annual "Harbour Wallbanger" race this year, along the sands between Ramsgate and Broadstairs Harbours, is pictured presenting the cheque for £400 to Ramsgate RNLI Cox'n Ian Cannon, flanked by Ramsgate RNLI Mechanic Phil Mace (left) and Ramsgate LPO John Ray. The money was raised by the club from competitors' entrance fees.

10th September 2013


Ramsgate Lifeboat aids unwell solo sailor off North Foreland


On 9th. September at 10:21pm Ramsgate RNLI’s all weather Trent class lifeboat was launched at the request of Dover Coastguard to assist a yacht in trouble off North Foreland.


The crew of a passing Estuary Pilot boat had spotted the 35ft. yacht off the  Foreland with one person on board, no lights, at anchor with engine failure. Once the lifeboat was alongside the yacht, two of the RNLI volunteer crew were put on board to assess the casualty and assist with raising his anchor and securing a tow line.


The casualty was suffering from seasickness, cold and tiredness and was a diabetic, so the decision was made to have an ambulance waiting back at the lifeboat station. The RNLI lifeboat proceeded to tow the casualty back to Ramsgate where it was taken to the Lifeboat Station and the man was handed over to the ambulance crew for assessment and subsequently taken to Margate Hospital for a check up.


Latest update:-

The casualty was taken to hospital as his core temperature was low, but not fully hypothermic, where he was slowly warmed up with a saline drip and cups of tea. He was discharged this morning and popped in to the Lifeboat Station to thank us for our prompt assistance and to move his boat from our mooring to a visitors mooring. Now awaiting a break in the weather to continue his travels.

22nd August 2013


Ramsgate's lifeboats "show the flag" at Broadstairs' Water Gala.


Both of Ramsgate RNLI's lifeboats attended Broadstairs' Annual Water Gala on a gloriously hot and sunny Wednesday 21st. August.


Both of the lifeboats moored alongside the Jetty in Broadstairs' Viking Bay (which is patrolled by RNLI Lifeguards) for some 3 hours during the high "spring" tide and were visited by 524 people of all ages who were shown around the station's all weather Trent class boat by crew members.


The appreciative visitors donated a total of £250.90 towards RNLI funds and were still queueing and donating when the boats had to leave as the tide dropped. In addition to the boat being at the event members of the RNLI station's fundraising branch "manned" a RNLI stall selling £287.75 worth of souvenirs.

5th August 2013


2013 Station Open Day


Thanks to all who came along yesterday and supported our open day with the added attraction of also seeing Dungeness's Mersey class lifeboat which has been undergoing repairs at Ramsgate.


5th July 2013


Ramsgate lifeboats in search for swimmer


Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat launched at 8.43pm on Thursday, 4th. July to a report of a person in difficulty offshore.


The inshore lifeboat started a search and at 9.00pm requested the assistance of the all weather lifeboat as it was beginning to get dark. However, before the all weather lifeboat arrived on scene the inshore crew found the casualty ¼ mile off from the beach and quickly got her on board.


The RNLI inshore lifeboat immediately brought the casualty to the boathouse, where one of our crew, who is a paramedic, carried out an assessment and found the casualty's temperature to be only 30 degrees. The casualty was looked after by our paramedic crew member until the ambulance service arrived to take her to hospital.

1st July 2013


Ramsgate lifeboat saves two from sinking boat


Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat launched at 3.19pm on Sunday, 30th. June to assist a small angling boat that had been swamped by a wave and was sinking in Pegwell Bay.


On arrival on scene the lifeboat crew found that the angling boat had almost completely sunk with the two people who had been on board hanging on to the cabin roof. The lifeboat crew took the two people on board and attached a tow line to the sinking boat to see if it could be raised enough to tow. After a few minutes of towing, enough water had gone from the casualty, allowing the crew to tow it and transport the rescued anglers into Ramsgate Harbour where the boat was beached and the two rescued anglers safely put ashore.


Photo by Jason Pay

7th June 2013


Both Ramsgate lifeboats launch to save local fisherman.


Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats launched at 7.36pm on Thursday, 6th. June to assist a local fisherman who had contacted Ramsgate Port Control requesting a lifeboat.


Port Control were then unable to contact the fishing boat again, could not see it by eye or by radar and as there had been no further contact with the vessel requested the launch of the lifeboats.


On approaching the vessel’s last known area, in Pegwell Bay, the Coastguard asked the inshore lifeboat volunteer crew to make its way to a nearby kite surfer who had contacted them about a capsized fishing boat and on making their approach found the fishing vessel almost completely sunk. The crew then immediately started carrying out a search by following the debris and shortly came upon the skipper (the sole crew member, who was fortunately wearing a life jacket) half a mile south of the sunken fishing boat and quickly pulled him from the water and transferred him to the all weather lifeboat where it was warmer, more comfortable and easier to assess his condition.


The lifeboats then made their way back into Ramsgate Harbour and handed the skipper over to the awaiting paramedics who assessed his condition and took him to hospital. It had not been possible to salvage the fishing boat.

7th June 2013


Thanet's volunteers celebrate volunteers' week


Link to Isle of Thanet Gazette article.

Ramsgate Lifeboat

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