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6th June 2013


Ramsgate inshore lifeboat launches to assist round Britain rowers.


Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat launched at 1.17am on Thursday, 6th. June to assist a two women crew taking part in the “Round Britain Rowing Challenge”.


The early morning launch of the lifeboat station’s Atlantic 75 class inshore lifeboat Bob Turnbull quickly brought the volunteer lifeboat crew alongside the rowing boat and the crew, one of whom was suffering from seasickness and hypothermia. In view of the person’s condition the lifeboat helmsman liaised with the Coastguard to arrange for an ambulance to be called to the RNLI boathouse and quickly and safely towed the rowing boat and its crew into Ramsgate Harbour.


On arrival at the boathouse the waiting ambulance crew checked over both of the rowers and one woman was taken to hospital.

4th June 2013


Ramsgate RNLI Coxswain Receives Royal Invitation


Ramsgate RNLI’s Coxswain Ian Cannon and members of his family attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, 30th. May following the receipt of a surprise invitation.


Ian, who was appointed lifeboat coxswain in 2002, was accompanied on the day by his wife, Sarah, and two of his daughters, Amy and Jess. Although the afternoon was cool and overcast with occasional light showers none of this spoiled the wonderful experience for the family which brought them into close proximity with the Queen and Prince Philip.

21st May 2013


Young Gull saved by Ramsgate RNLI crew


Yesterday afternoon the Coxswain received a phone call from Port Control about a young seagull tangled up in fishing line which was unable to fly because the fishing weight was holding in the sand.


The seagull was on the outer side of the harbour wall where it was not possible to get to without a boat. After making a phone call to the Duty Launching Authority, it was decided that as the ILB was due to go out on exercise that evening anyway, an earlier launch was made so that the Coxswain with 2 other crew members could go to the aid of the stricken bird.


On arrival, the coxswain got as close as possible to the beach where 2 of the crew waded ashore and made their way to the seagull. One crew member, with gloves, carefully held the young seagull, whilst the other crew member cut the fishing line away. Once the fishing line was cut free from the bird, it was inspected to check for any obvious injuries and then released, whereby it promptly flew away and rested on the breakwater, watching its rescuers.


The 2 crew members ashore then gathered up the considerable amount of fishing line and tackle and made their way back to the awaiting ILB.

13th May 2013


Both Ramsgate Lifeboats launch to assist yacht


Both of Ramsgate RNLI's lifeboats launched at 5.30pm on Sunday, 12th. May following a report of a trimiran taking on water in the shallower waters off Joss Bay, Broadstairs.


Although the RNLI station's all weather Trent class lifeboat, Esme Anderson, and the inshore Atlantic 75 class, Bob Turnbull, launched timeously when they arrived on scene the 30ft. Dutch yacht was aground on the water's edge in the sandy bay on an ebbing tide.  With the yacht now firmly aground and having confirmed with the on scene Coastguard Mobile Team that the one crew member was safe and unharmed and that they would deal with matters ashore the lifeboats were stood down and returned to Ramsgate.

10th May 2013


Ramsgate launch in gale to dismasted yacht


Ramsgate RNLI's all weather lifeboat launched on Thursday, 9th. May in gale force winds and rough seas to assist a yacht with four people on board which had become dismasted.


The RNLI station’s all weather lifeboat, the Trent class Esme Anderson, was launched to at 4.20pm to assist the 34ft. yacht which was some 12 miles east of Ramsgate and had been sailing from the continent. The lifeboat was on the scene some 30 minutes after launch and managed to get a line aboard the casualty, which, in the weather conditions, was in a dangerous situation.


Following this the yacht and her crew were safely towed to Ramsgate Harbour, a slow process in the weather conditions and taking some 2 hours.


 Photo by Mark Stanford

6th April 2013


Three rescued from yacht aground on the Goodwin Sands


Both Ramsgate RNLI's all weather and inshore lifeboats were launched at the request of Dover Coastguard at 3.44am on Saturday, 6th. April following a report of a yacht aground on the North Goodwin Sands some 5 miles off Ramsgate.


The 14m. yacht, with a three man crew aboard had been travelling from Canvey Island, Essex to Gravelines in north-eastern France when it ran aground on the sandbank. The wind at the time was blowing from the north east at between force 6 and 7 and the seas around the Sands were rough and confused. The position of the yacht, which was damaged and taking on water, was such that the lifeboat was unable to tow it off due to the state of the tide. Additionally, as the yacht’s crew were considered in danger and the lifeboats were unable to recover them safely a helicopter was called in from RAF Wattisham and the three crew were airlifted back to Ramsgate.


As the tide rose the lifeboat crew managed to get a line aboard the yacht and with their pump managed to hold the level of water within it sufficiently to be able to tow it back to Ramsgate where it was hoisted out of the water to await damage assessment.


Photo by Jasson Parrott

4th December 2012


Dr William Crawford Retirement


Dr William "Bill" Crawford (pictured left) has been presented with a framed picture of the station's all-weather lifeboat following his retirement as Ramsgate RNLI's Management Committee Chairman. In presenting Bill with the picture incoming Chairman Eric Burton thanked him on behalf of all involved in the station for his years of dedicated service. Bill had served on the committee for 22 years, 17 of them as chairman.

19th September 2012


Extracts from the RNLI’s official press release of today:


As the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) releases its summer statistics today, it has emerged that the charity’s second busiest coastal lifeboat station was Ramsgate with 49 launches making it the second busiest lifeboat station in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.


In the period between 1 June and 31 August, Ramsgate crew attended 10 more launches than in 2011, an increase of more than 25 per cent. Interestingly this increase was accounted for entirely by Ramsgate’s inshore Atlantic 75 class lifeboat, Bob Turnbull, whilst callouts for the all-weather Trent class lifeboat, Esme Anderson, remained steady at 19 for both years.


Andrew Ashton, RNLI Divisional Inspector for the East, said: ‘Inshore lifeboats are able to operate closer to the coast – including in rocky and shallow areas – and are therefore more likely to be called out to summer water users such as swimmers and people on inflatables. This could explain the increased call on the inshore lifeboat this summer at Ramsgate. During the heatwave weekend of 18-19 August, the inshore lifeboat alone launched five times in two days. Our crews did the RNLI and the general public proud by being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’

10th July 2012


Kent’s High Sheriff visits Ramsgate RNLI


Kent’s High Sheriff visited several of Kent’s RNLI Lifeboat stations on Friday, 6th. July including Ramsgate where he had a chance to look around the station and its lifeboats and meet members of the crew. Pictured (l-r) are Ramsgate Cox'n Ian Cannon, Ramsgate Operations Manager Ron Cannon, High Sheriff Michael Bax and RNLI Divisional Inspector Andrew Ashton.


10th July 2012


Family gathering and a big thank you


Members of the Ramsgate crew and support team and their families recently gathered at the boathouse for a barbeque during which Chris Andrews, who had recently left the Ramsgate crew to take up the full time mechanic’s job at Margate Lifeboat Station, was presented with an engraved tankard. Chris had started out his RNLI career at Margate but had transferred to Ramsgate many years ago when he had moved home. He regularly crewed on both boats, was 2nd. mechanic and will be much missed by all of us at Ramsgate.

Ramsgate Lifeboat

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