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7th May 2018

Cheque presentation by the Westgate-On-Sea & Birchington Golf Club

Tony Wylie the LOM from Ramsgate attended a cheque presentation yesterday (6th May) at Margate Lifeboat station. The cheque was presented by the Westgate-On-Sea & Birchington Golf Club, who ran a golf charity day last year. The cheques were for the Ramsgate, Margate and Whitstable stations. The cheque for RNLI Ramsgate came to £637.00.

30th April 2018

Four men rescued by Ramsgate lifeboat crews in atrocious weather conditions


Two lifeboats were launched from Ramsgate lifeboat station this morning (April 30) at 11.25am following a report from a fishing boat that an unknown number of people had been swept into the sea off the East Pier while walking around the harbour.


When the Ramsgate inshore lifeboat and its volunteer crew approached the area, a windfarm boat was on the scene and a man was spotted in the water holding onto a ladder by the harbour wall. The crew of the windfarm boat then alerted the RNLI crew to a second man who was difficulty in the water behind their vessel.


The lifeboat crew rescued the man from the water, who was in more urgent need, and then returned to the man on the ladder. He was also rescued and then both men were returned in the lifeboat to the lifeboat station, to be treated by paramedics.


As they were being put ashore one of those who had been rescued said that a third man had also been with them at the time they were swept off the pier. The lifeboat crew returned to the scene with paramedics on board and discovered another man who had not ended up in the water, but had been swept along the top of the pier. He had suffered injuries and was now sitting up by the Harbour Brasserie restaurant on the harbour wall.


The lifeboat crew were able to access the pier by boarding the windfarm boat and were then able to rescue the man using a stretcher. He was taken on board the windfarm boat which brought him back to the lifeboat station while being treated by paramedics. Once back at the station he was airlifted to hospital.


It’s understood that a fourth man, not part of the original group, had found himself cut off on the lower landing level of the pier by the severe weather conditions. He was also rescued by the inshore lifeboat with the crew again accessing the pier using the wind farm vessel as a ladder. He was returned to the lifeboat station uninjured.


On returning to station the Ramsgate lifeboats then immediately relaunched following reports of wind surfers in difficulty, but it transpired they had been able to make their way safely to shore without assistance and the lifeboats returned to the station.


Weather conditions on the coast at Ramsgate today are being described as ‘atrocious’ with waves breaking over the harbour wall and people are being urged to respect the water and keep away from the area while the current weather conditions continue.

Photos by, right Malcolm Kirkaldie, left Davena Green

23rd April 2018

Ramsgate RNLI called out to three separate incidents in one day


A warm, busy Sunday in April (22nd) meant that Ramsgate RNLI had a diverse and busy day.


The day started off sadly, with the discovery of a body at 8.40am floating in the turning circle off Ramsgate Harbour by a member of the public out for a walk along the Western Pier. The alarm was raised and the All-Weather Lifeboat was launched to recover the body. The Police later confirmed that it was the body of a woman thought to be aged between 60-70 years old. No further information is known and the police are trying to trace next of kin. Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.

The usually warm weather meant that the beaches were packed and people had also taken to the water. At about 5.30pm the Inshore Lifeboat was launched to the assistance of a yacht with engine trouble off Broadstairs main beach but whilst enroute they were diverted to Joss Bay Beach where two young children in a rubber dingy had been reported by numerous people as having been swept out to sea. They successfully managed to take the youngsters back to the beach where they were gently educated in the strength of the tides, how to respect the water and how to play and stay safe.

Then the Inshore Lifeboat continued on to its original target and managed to tow the yacht and its grateful crew back to Ramsgate Harbour.

A busy day for the on call volunteer crew demonstrating how diverse their day can be, and how they have to be ready for every eventuality. This perfectly demonstrates how the RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea.

Photo by Malcolm Kirkaldie

23rd April 2018

Ron White


We are sad to announce the recent death of Ron White, one of Ramsgate RNLI’s longest supporters.


After his retirement he and his wife Marion moved to Ramsgate in 2000 where they were nagged by his daughter to do something and stop acting like old people. So Ron and Marion then joined the RNLI!


Ron became box secretary which consisted of cashing up all the donation boxes around Ramsgate. Marion and Ron were regularly seen going from pub to pub with a shopping trolley which they used to collect the boxes in.


Ron received a Bronze Award for long service to the RNLI and continued to support the organisation for the rest of his life. He will be sadly missed.


His funeral will be held at Thanet Crematorium on Wednesday 25th April at 10.00. The family have requested no flowers but donations to Ramsgate RNLI will be gladly accepted. The funeral directors are Maskell and Uden.

20th April 2018

Love is in the air!


This evening 20th April on a gloriously sunny day, Volunteer crew member Harry Hughes proposed in style to his pregnant girlfriend Kerry Ewer.


Weeks of planning had gone into his surprise proposal helped by his good friends Mark Gull and Ciara Watts, as well as his RNLI crew mates. Whilst Mark and Ciara took Kerry for a walk on the beach, Harry was out on exercises in the Inshore Lifeboat. Onboard he had a big banner asking Kerry to marry him which was shown as they approached the shore. Harry then waded ashore, dropped to one knee in front of a slightly embarrassed Kerry and asked her to marry him. Thankfully she said yes, much to the delight of the onlooking sunbathers on the beach who applauded and cheered loudly.


After a quick embrace Harry then returned to the Inshore lifeboat and sped back to finish the exercise.

Just two hours later Harry’s celebrations with his family were cut short when his pager went off and he had to dash back to the RNLI station although thankfully it turned out to be a good intentioned but false alarm.

18th April 2018

Broadstairs Kiosk due to reopen


The Broadstairs Kiosk refurbishment is now nearly complete and has lots of new exciting items in stock. We shall be open on the weekend 28th & 29th April 2018, and will be open 7 days a week starting from 5th May 2018. Our Kiosk volunteers are looking forward to serving you all.


We would like to express our thanks to Tatti and Emma from the RNLI for all their hard work which is much appreciated support. We would also like to say a big thank you to all at the Broadstairs Sailing Club and RNLI Margate Lifeboat for all their help and kind co-operation during the refurbishment and restocking period.


18th April 2018

Upcoming interview


This afternoon the Boat House in Ramsgate had a visit from BBC South East reporter Charlotte Wright to interview our very own Becky Cannon.

The reason for the interview is that Becky has been nominated by the Lieutenancy of Kent to share in part of the wedding day of HRH Prince Harry of Kent to Ms Megan Markle, for her volunteer work with RNLI. She is one of the youngest people to be invited to Windsor Castle for the event. Becky described herself as honoured to have received the invitation and will be taking her mother with her to enjoy the day.

Below are a couple of images of the reporter and Becky around the Boat House and the interview is scheduled to be on the BBC South East news tomorrow 19th April at 6.30pm. - subject to editorial changes


1st April 2018

Easter festivities interrupted to save a lady and two children cut off by the tide


Easter Sunday festivities were interrupted when Ramsgate RNLI received a call to launch to the rescue of a lady and two children cut off by a rising tide at Dumpton Gap in Broadstairs.


At 11:23am the Inshore Lifeboat was launched after a 999 Call to UK Coastguard from a woman with 2 children cut off by the tide at Dumpton Gap, with an hour of rising tide to go. The Inshore Lifeboat arrived promptly on the scene and put one of their crew ashore to assist with the casualties. Once all three casualties were safely aboard they were brought back to the Lifeboat Station, where they were given blankets to get warm. The station then dried their clothes in the station tumble drier and provided an assortment of plastic bags to put their hiking boots into. Once their clothing was dried they were then dropped off at the RNLI Charity Shop as requested before making their way by train back to London.


When visiting the seaside please take extreme caution as it is very easy to get stranded by a rising tide. The lady did exactly the right thing by calling the coastguard, always dial 999if you see anyone or are yourself in danger.

29th March 2018

East Kent Catering College visit Ramsgate RNLI for Community Day


Today Thursday 29th March staff and students from East Kent Catering College in Broadstairs paid a visit to Ramsgate RNLI station bearing home made goodies made by the students as part of their Community Week.


Earlier in the day they had taken Easter themed cakes and savoury food to Ramsgate Fire Station, Bradstowe Court and after visiting the RNLI they planned to drop food off at Margate’s A&E . A further team were out in Broadstairs giving food to the homeless and also to the volunteer staff in the charity shops. Each year the first year students, as well as some second year students do something different but the aim is to give something back to the local community.


Ramsgate RNLI’s crew were happy to receive their gifts, which were enjoyed by everyone and as a thank you took them on a tour of the RNLI All-weather boat ,the Esme Anderson which delighted the students. Maybe a few budding volunteers were amongst them?


Photo by Karen Cox from left to right

Julia Blackman - Lecturer of Catering, Alex Spratt, Chloe Sargeant, Samira Hassan, Phoebe Cook , Kieran Redpath, Roger Phillips - Head of Catering, Kelly McDonald - LSP, Kai Haswell, Natalie Stone - Work Placement Office for Catering and Hospitality.

18th March 2018

RNLI Ramsgate honours it’s retiring crew


Recently a presentation evening was held at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in the presence of 70 guests and crew, to honour and thank four people who between them have selflessly served the RNLI as crew for a combined time of 143 years. An RNLI spokesman said, The RNLI is the charity that Saves Lives at Sea and without courageous volunteers like these honoured tonight we would be unable to do our job.


The introductions and welcome was done by Coxswain Ian Cannon with the presentations being done Ramsgate RNLI Chairman Eric Burton.


Cpt.Philip Lloyd Toghill joined in 1989 as Deputy Launch Authority until 2017 and also served as Hon Sec from 1989-1992.


Raymond William Noble started as ILB crew and helmsman  in 1982 until 1997. He was also ALB crew member from 1982-2002. Then Shore crew from 2002-2011 before becoming Deputy Launch Authority from 2011-2016 and then  Lifeboat Ops Manager from 2016-2017, he continues today to raise money for the RNLI as Collections Manager.


The longest serving member is Derek Austin Pegden who joined in 1964 -1976 as ALB crew, also ILB crew and helmsman from 1974-1996. From 1976-2000 he was 2nd Coxswain and Assistant Mechanic, then from 2000-2001 he was 2nd Coxswain and 2nd Mechanic and then became Deputy Launch Authority from 2005-2016.


When asked if he had his speech ready, it was short and sweet “No I haven’t, no I’m not!” Much to the amusement of everyone present.


Also honoured was Dr Malcolm Reeves who has looked after the health and well being of the crew and served Ramsgate for 27 years as Lifeboat Medical Advisor.


They were all presented with long service awards as well as a framed photograph of Ramsgate by RNLI Ramsgate Treasurer and photographer Steve Burton.


Photo Chris Cox

Ramsgate Lifeboat

 In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

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