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To make a melt bead picture like the one above, you will need the following: a transparent pegboard which takes 29 x 29 5 mm beads and black, white, red, dark blue, light blue, orange, green and grey beads.


You will then need to printout the pattern by using one of the file formats via buttons below. You can then use the pattern under the pegboard to help make the picture.

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Cross Stitch

by Marianne Setterfield

Glass Painting
by Clive Lawford



Melt Beads

Other Ideas

If you would like to make a creative picture of the ex Ramsgate Lifeboat the Ralph and Joy Swann, please have a look at the ideas below.

42 kB

147 kB

201 kB

121 kB

The drawing used on a mug
by Rebecca Jean Lawford


Ramsgate Lifeboat

 In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard


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