Service Reports 2018

Service Call 1 & 2

27th January @ 15:35 ILB was requested by UK Coastguard to the assistance of a 45 ft yacht aground at the Goodwin Sands. On scene the ILB crew determined that due to the sea swell and wind conditions, the AWB would be required to tow the yacht into harbour. At 15:52 UK Coastguard requested that the AWB launched to assist with the tow. On arrival on scene, the AWB passed a line to one of the ILB crew members that was onboard the casualty. Once the tow was ready, the yacht, with the assistance of the ILB crew member, winched the yachts anchor aboard. Once completed the AWB then towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.

© Ian Cannon

Service Call 3

29th January @ 08:08 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a person in distress in the water opposite the Turner Centre - Margate. Margates own ILB was off service due to delamination. Whilst ILB was making its way to the scene, other shore based emergency services were able to get the person out of the water. ILB was then stood down by the Coastguard and returned to station.

Service Call 4

3rd February @ 16:42 AWB launched to the assistance of a small power boat with engine failure, one person on board, at the end of the harbour approach channel. On scene a line was passed to the casualty and then towed into Ramsgate Harbour, where it was moored alongside with the assistance of 2 of the AWB crew.

Service Call 5

1st April @ 11:23 ILB launched after a 999 Call to UK Coastguard from a woman with 2 children cut off by the tide at Dumpton Gap, with an hour of rising tide to go. ILB arrived promptly on scene and put one of their crew ashore to assist with the casualties. Once all 3 casualties were safely aboard the ILB, they were brought back to the Lifeboat Station, where they were given blankets to get warm. The station then dried their clothes in the station tumble drier and provided an assortment of plastic bags to put in their hiking boots. Once their clothing was dried they were then dropped off at the RNLI Charity Shop as requested before making their way by train back to London.

Service Call 6

2nd April @ 12:01 The ILB was launched at the request of UK Coastguard, after receiving a call from a member of the public to the same area as yesterday’s rescue to a report of lady and dog cut off by the tide at Dumpton Gap. Having searched the area for some time, they were then informed by a person ashore that everyone was safely ashore. The Coastguard then released the Inshore Lifeboat to return to station.


With the weather warming up please ensure that if you are walking along the coast that you check the tide table first and have a means of calling assistance.

Service Call 7

7th April @ 15:30 ILB launched to the assistance of a Jet Ski, in difficulty off Sandwich Bay. On scene, the ILB attached a line and towed the jet ski back to shore.

© Sarah Hewes

Service Call 8

19th April @ 12:57 ILB launched to two persons and a dog, cut off by the tide at Dumpton Gap. On scene the ILB found that the two persons had managed to make their own way round to a safe area. The dog however, which was afraid of water was still cut off by the tide. The ILB crew attempted to get to the dog, but were unable to. A mobile Coastguard unit were on scene and managed, from land, to lift the dog to safety. Once all three were safe the ILB returned to station.

Service Call 9

20th April @ 19:55 ILB launched to a small yacht reported to be close to running aground at the back of the harbour breakwater. On arrival on scene the ILB crew found the yacht to be at anchor and fishing and in no danger. ILB then returned to station. False alarm with good intent.

Service Call 10

22nd April @ 08:40 AWB launched to a report of a body floating in the turning circle off Ramsgate Harbour, spotted by a member of the public out for a walk along the Western Pier. AWB recovered the body and returned to station.

Service Call 11

22nd April @ 17:25 ILB launched to two children in an inflatable dinghy being blown out to sea from Joss Bay. ILB reached the dinghy with the two children and towed it back to the beach.

Service Call 12

22nd April on leaving Joss Bay after Service Call 11, the ILB was then tasked to a yacht with engine failure off Broadstairs. On scene the ILB passed a line and towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.

Service Call 13 & 14

30th April @ 11:25 Both ILB & ALB launched to a report of 3 persons washed off the harbour wall, under port control. The ILB arrived on scene and found two persons in the water whom they managed to get aboard and brought back to the Lifeboat Station into the care of the awaiting paramedics. The ILB then went back to the scene to get the third person who was on the harbour wall with injuries. The ILB laid alongside the wind farm support vessel Amethyst which was assisting with the incident and used the vessel to get up onto the harbour wall. The casualty was then placed in an RNLI stretcher and transferred to the Amethyst who then brought him to the Lifeboat Station, where he was handed over to the paramedics. The ILB & Amethyst returned to the scene as a fourth person was spotted, sheltering from the weather and was transferred to the Amethyst, then to the ILB. He was then brought back to the Lifeboat Station to warm up. Units involved: 3 ambulance crews, 2 air ambulances, 1 Coastguard Helicopter and several police. Weather on scene: Force 9 with heavy rain.

Service Call 15 & 16

30th April @ 12:36 Both boats launched by UK Coastguard to a report of a wind surfer in difficulty between Dumpton Gap & Viking Bay. On scene the Lifeboats were informed that the casualty was a surfer and that he was safely ashore. ILB returned immediately to the Lifeboat Station, whilst the ALB awaited further instructions from UK Coastguard. Once the Coastguard were sure that the reported casualty was safe, the ALB was released and returned to station.

© Malcolm Kirkaldie

Service Call 17

2nd May @ 22:25 ILB launched to a yacht on the sand, outside oh harbour under Port Control. Once on scene the ILB passed a line and towed the casualty into the harbour and assisted with berthing.

Service Call 18

5th May @ 11:04 AWB Launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a sighting of a lifejacket 18 miles off Ramsgate, reported by Polish Warship. On scene the AWB carried out an extensive search and found an orange float and shortly after a fish box. After continuing the search under the instruction of UK Coastguard the AWB was eventually stood down @ 14:58 and returned to station.

© Sarah Hewes

Service Call 19

6th May @ 14:21 AWB launched to a 31ft cruiser at the beginning of the harbour channel with engine failure with 3 persons on board. AWB took the casualty under tow and brought it into the harbour and onto a berth.

Service Call 20

10th May @ 10:56 AWB Launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a guard vessel 28 miles off Ramsgate with engine room fire. The casualty vessel was at this time under escourt by the Dunkirk Lifeboat and another guard vessell. Once on scene, there was no sign of fire which was brought under control by the crew onboard the casualty. As the casualty vessel was making way, the AWB escorted it back to Ramsgate, where it was berthed in the outer harbour and attended by the Fire Brigade.

© Sarah Hewes

Service Call 21

15th May @ 09:47 AWB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a 34ft yacht with 7 persons on board, with engine failure 11 miles NNE of Ramsgate. AWB arrived on scene, attached a line and towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.

© Sarah Hewes

Service Call 22

15th May @ 20:37 ILB launched to the assistance of a 32ft motor boat with 3 persons on board with gearbox failure, just outside the harbour. ILB arrived on scene, passed a line and towed the casualty into the harbour.

Service Call 23

18th May @ 09:09 AWB launched to a fishing vessel with engine failure 5 miles NE of Ramsgate. ON scene the AWB passed a line and towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.

© Mark Stanford

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