Service Reports 2017

Ramsgate Lifeboat

 In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Service Call 1

17th January @ 12:23 ILB launched to the assistance of a local angling boat with difficulty starting their engine, off Broadstairs. On leaving the harbour entrance a small boat was spotted off Winterstoke heading towards Ramsgate. It was the casualty vessel which had managed to start their engine, so the ILB escorted them into the harbour.

Service Call 1

11th January @ 02:32 AWB launched to the assistance of a 7m RIB with engine failure 24nm North East of Ramsgate, with one person on board. Once on scene the AWB got along side the casualty RIB and passed a line to the skipper, who was taken aboard the AWB once the tow line was secured. The AWB then proceeded to tow the RIB into Ramsgate Harbour.

Service Call 2

23rd January @ 12:21 ILB launched to a report of a body off Broadstairs. On approaching Broadstairs the Coastguard contacted the ILB crew to stand down and return to station as it was a false alarm with good intent.

Service Call 2

13th January @ 23:54 the AWB launched to a 90 metre cargo vessel with seven crew aboard which had sent a Mayday call reporting she was was sinking 38 miles NE of Ramsgate. The vessel sank, with the crew taking to liferafts.

Ships in the vicinity proceeded to the casualties last known position to commence the search. Two of these vessels located the liferafts and took the crew on board, from where they were airlifted to hospital by UK Coastguard helicopters.

The AWB was then tasked to locate the sunken vessel's EPIRB, which was recovered and brought back to shore. The AWB was then released and returned to Station at 05:10. Wind on scene was NW Force 9 (Strong Gale)

Service Call 3

14th January @ 00:33 whilst the AWB was responding to Service Call 2, UK Coastguard requested the launch of the ILB to a report of 5 people in the water at Viking Bay, Broadstairs.

The ILB searched the area, with Margate Mobile Coastguard unit carrying out a shoreline search. Nothing was found and UK Coastguard released the ILB which returned to Station at 01:45. False alarm with good intent.

Service Call 4

22nd January @ 7:48 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a small cabin cruiser lost Iin dense fog. ILB carefully made their way to the casualty making full use of the radar and df (df is a piece of equipment that can give an accurate direction of a VHF signal). Once the casualty was located, the ILB led the way back to Ramsgate Harbour.

Service Call 5

25th February @ 16:23 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a report of a kite surfer in difficulty off Dumpton Gap. ILB arrived on scene and found the kite surfers kite, which they took onboard. The ILB then started to carry out a search of the area, until a message was received that the kite surfer was now safely ashore. The ILB then made it's way back to station, where the kite was handed back to a very grateful owner.

Service Call 6

11th March @ 14:55 ILB launched to the assistance of a RIB off the Broadstairs Knoll with 2 persons on board and a dog, with engine failure. ILB arrived on scene, attached a line and towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.

© Sarah Hewes

Service Call 7

25th March @ 10:20 ILB launched to a small yacht, aground at Stone Bay (Broadstairs). Once on scene the ILB crew decided that the single occupant was in no danger as he could easily get ashore. After the mobile Coastguard unit had had a chat with the yachtsman the ILB was released by UK Coastguard and returned to station.

© Steve Burton

Service Call 8


30th March @ 13:34 ILB launched to reports of a kite surfer in difficulty off Ramsgate main sands. ILB arrived on scene to find the kite surfer making his own way slowly back to the beach. False alarm with good intent.

Service Call 9

8th April @ 05:10 ILB launched to the assistance of ex-RNLI Watson Lifeboat with one person on board, having difficulty getting into the harbour. 2 crew from the ILB went aboard and assisted in getting the casualty into harbour under its own power, and helped moor it up. Humber Lifeboat and Walton Lifeboat have also previously assisted with this vessel.

© Mark Stanford

Service Call 10


29th April @ 16:06 ILB launched at the request of Kent Police to a person threatening to jump from the West Pier Head. The ILB stood by whilst the police talked and calmed the person, in case they did jump. Eventually the police talked the person out of jumping and took them away. ILB was then released by UK Coastguard and returned to station.

Service Call 11

14th May @ 16:46 ILB launched to the assistance of a lone sailor washed into Stone bay by the tide. He was spotted by members of the public jumping ashore and pushing his small yacht back out into deeper water. As he climbed back on board he took a fall, so a member of the public called the Coastguard. UK Coastguard paged both Ramsgate and Margate Inshore Lifeboats, Margate mobile Coastguard and organised ambulance cover to attend at Ramsgate. Once on scene the ILB crew took the sailor aboard and put one of our crew members aboard the yacht. The ILB then proceeded to tow the casualty into Ramsgate harbour where the sailor was passed over to the awaiting ambulance, where his temperature was measured at 32 Degrees.

Service Call 12


16th May @ 17:17 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a 44ft local yacht with engine failure, drifting into Winterstoke. Whilst the ILB was launching One of the wind farm support vessels (Windcat 18) got a rope to the yacht and kept it from drifting onto the shore. Once on scene the ILB passed a line and towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour. Our thanks for the assistance of the crew of Windcat 18.

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