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2nd July 2018

Another view on Sundays shout


The weekends heatwave brings its own problems to Thanet’s RNLI.


On Saturday Ramsgate RNLI Inshore lifeboat was launched to the assistance of eight people cut off by the tide, and on Sunday Margate and Ramsgate lifeboats were launched to the assistance of reports of fifty people cut off by the tide.


A representative for the RNLI who lives in Broadstairs and has lived by the seaside most of her life said this, ‘ I was discussing the weekends events with my thirty year old daughter who has lived here all her life and was amazed to discover that she was not aware that the tide came in and out at least twice in a twenty four hour period. So if someone who lives here is not aware of the dangers how can we expect people from inland who only visit the seaside on rare occasions to be aware. We are an island surrounded by water with 19,000 miles of coastline covered by our lifeboats and everyone should make themselves aware of the risks that are involved when spending time at the sea. However it appears that Sunday’s events were actually locals who knew exactly how high the tide would reach and had come prepared to be cut off by the tide and wait for the tide to ebb and then leave. The alarm was called by good intentioned onlookers who raised the alarm having seen they were cut off. ‘


Thankfully this weekend there were no casualties although it was a busy time for the combined agencies of RNLI, H.M. Coastguard and the Lifeguards. The RNLI will continue to provide safety education and would encourage people to take time to check tide tables and seek advise when spending a day on the beach.

Photo by Harry Hughes RNLI crew

25th June 2018

Ramsgate RNLI launched to injured fisherman


Sunday 24 June at 12.57 the All-weather lifeboat Esme Anderson was launched at the request of HM Coastguard to recover a fisherman with severe Weever fish stings on his hands from a local angling boat.


When the lifeboat reached the fishing boat which was 5 miles off shore, the casualty was transferred onboard where he was given immediate medical attention. A crew member was then placed onboard the fisherman’s boat so that it could be brought back into the Harbour whilst the lifeboat returned immediately to Ramsgate Lifeboat station.


As luck would have it, the local Lifeguards were holding a first aid training session at the station and the tutor was able to make a quick assessment and offer advise. The advise for treatment of Weever Fish stings is to place the infected area into hot water as this extract from British Marine Life Study Society states.


‘ The venom is a type of protein and is heat labile. This means that the only treatment is to put the effected limb in water as hot as the victim can stand without causing scalding.’


He also said that Weever Fish stings are extremely common but they can also become serious if there is a bad reaction. A further extract from the Study explains how it can feel.


‘ Beware of a little (10 cm) sandy coloured fish that lives in the English Channel. It spends most of the time actually buried under the sea bed with just its venomous dorsal fin showing above the sandy bottom. On the rare occasions when it is plentiful, rows of erect black triangles decorate the sandy floor of the sea bed. Woe betide a bather who steps upon a buried fish. The pain is usually described as excruciating as the spines embed into the human flesh and discharge their venom. The pain is at its most intense for the first two hours when the foot goes red and swells up and is then it feels numb until the following day with irritation and pain that may last for up to two weeks. Sometimes, the spine breaks off in the foot and it will cause discomfort until it is removed.’

18th June 2018

Fund raising collection


Saturday 16th June our intrepid fundraisers were based in Westwood Cross shopping centre for the day.

The total raised was £341.40 and they were able to spread our key message - we are the Charity that Saves Lives at Sea.


Well done everyone involved and thank you to Ray Burton for taking the picture.

13th June 2018

Visit to the station by Sea Cadets


The station received a visit today from the Sea Cadets off T.S. Jack Petchy, pictured standing smartly to attention in front of the Inshore Lifeboat.

The T.S.Jack Petchy launched in 2010 and based in Gosport, is one of 2 Sea Cadets training boats that spend their time training crews of cadets for a week at a time. The second boat is the T.S.John Jerald which is currently around the Scottish coast.

The group of Sea Cadets are from Walton-on-Naze and consist of 3 young ladies and 8 young men ranging in ages from 12 to just under 18. Their duties throughout the week are to run a watch system, learn basic engineering and also catering. The experience is made all the more realistic as they are lucky enough to have a Royal Naval Lieutenant acting as Captain onboard, as well as 2 supervisors.

They were very pleased to be given a tour of the Boathouse by Coxswain Ian Cannon.

12th June 2018

Ramsgate RNLI chosen as a Super Hero


Meet Wade Emptage a young boy who chose to dress up as an RNLI person for his school’s Super Hero Day.


Wade is 6 years old and when his school, Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs, asked the children to dress up for Super Hero’s Day he had no hesitation on deciding who he wanted to be. He wanted to go as a member of the RNLI. The school has asked that they dress as real life hero’s not comic book ones and as Wade’s mother is a great supporter of the RNLI it seemed natural that he should dress up as a crew member complete with yellow wellies.

Wade’s mother has given us permission to post his picture as she supports the RNLI and everything that it stands for. Without people like Wade and his mum we cannot do our job as we rely entirely on donations from the public, so we think that Wade is our Super Hero too! Thank you Wade!

12th June 2018

An early start to the day for Ramsgate RNLI


On Monday 11 June at 05.33 the All-weather lifeboat Esme Anderson was launched to the assistance of a 31ft yacht with engine failure near the North East Goodwin buoy off Ramsgate.

Once on the scene the crew of the yacht were requested to pull their anchor up, but they were unable to do so as it was stuck too firmly. The All-weather boat crew then asked the crew to loop the tow rope around their anchor chain, which enabled the lifeboat to pull the anchor free from the sea bed, which allowed the casualty to retrieve their anchor. Once this was completed the Esme Anderson was then able to tow the yacht safely into harbour.

What appears to be a simple thing shows the expertise and experience of the crew of the RNLI in handling these situations. In 2015 alone there were 818 RNLI lifeboat launches nationally to yachts alone and that number increases as Yachting becomes more popular. If you are taking to the seas always carry a means of calling for help and ensure everyone onboard knows how to use it.

24th May 2018

Mayday Appeal and Yellow Welly Rally


On Tuesday 22 May, Ramsgate RNLI took delivery of the iconic symbol of the charity's Mayday Appeal - the Yellow Welly - from the Walmer RNLI crew when it was delivered by the neighbouring station by water using a rib.

The following day, Wednesday 23 May, the Ramsgate crew cycled it around the seafront on a party bike borrowed from Coco Latino, a local bar, to the Ramsgate Tunnels where it was handed over to the Broadstairs Lifeguards to continue its journey around the coast to Margate RNLI Station.


After a very welcome cup of tea at the Tunnels to warm them up as it was raining and cold the crew then cycled the partybike back to the station much to the amusement of people passing by.


So what is the Mayday Appeal? Mayday is our yellow-themed annual fundraiser, which runs from 1-31 May. It’s a celebration of our volunteer lifeboat crews, who are on call 24 hours a day, every day, to save lives at sea.


This year, we want to raise £750,000* to fund the vital kit that will keep them safe, whatever the weather throws at them. Will you help us by raising money this Mayday?


*Any funds raised over our £750,000 target will go towards funding our lifesaving work around the UK and Ireland.

Photo by Sarah Hewes

23rd May 2018

Then there were three!


The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that we had 3 lifeboats moored alongside the Station today.

The relief lifeboat was put into the water to go on relief duty at Margate whilst their boat is off to Great Yarmouth on Saturday leaving from Ramsgate.

In order from left to right Ramsgate lifeboat Esme Anderson (14-02), Margate lifeboat (12-20) is Leonard Kent, the Relief Lifeboat (12-005) is Lady of Hilbre.


Photo by Sarah Hewes

21st May 2018

Ramsgate RNLI crew member celebrates birth of his son


Volunteer crew member Harry Hughes is hoping his newborn son will follow in his footsteps and join the RNLI at Ramsgate.


Last month I reported on Harry’s proposal to his pregnant girlfriend Kerry which took place during a routine exercise. Kerry had been taken to the beach on a pretext of a sunny evening walk by her friends and Harry had arranged for a banner asking her to marry him to be unfurled as the Inshore lifeboat approached Ramsgate’s main sands. He then waded ashore and dropped to one knee to ask a very surprised Kerry to marry him.

We are happy to announce that Kerry gave birth to a lovely boy on 9 May weighing 7.6lbs who they have called Theodore Dean Roy Hughes. I managed to catch up with them at the Ramsgate RNLI station where Harry told me of his hopes that Theo will follow in his footsteps and join the RNLI. They have already coordinated the pram with the yellow welly theme as it is bright yellow and they are hoping to get some yellow wellies for Theo as soon as they can find some small enough!

The RNLI is a charity dedicated to saving lives at sea, and relies entirely on donations from the public and volunteers like Harry.

15th May 2018

Opening of Broadstairs RNLI kiosk


Thank you to everybody who attended the Grand Opening of the refurbished RNLI Broadstairs Kiosk. Tatti McNally, Visitor Experience Manager - South East invited James Uren, Area Lifesaving Manager to cut the ribbon. Thank you to the Broadstairs Sailing Club for facilitating the refreshments afterwards.

15th May 2018

Today’s shout


This morning 15th May at 9.46am the All Weather Lifeboat Esme Anderson was launched to the assistance of a racing yacht.

The skipper of yacht Skullduggery Don Rawing and his six crew from Burnham Sailing Club were so grateful to the volunteer RNLI crew that they wanted to personally express their thanks and give an interview.

They had been competing in the North Sea Regatta last weekend racing from Harwich to Scheveningen in Holland on 11th May and due to fog had been delayed in leaving until last night bound for Burnham in Essex. Due to building winds, with high waves and having taken on some water leaving them with just a hand held radio, handheld GPS and paper charts they called up H.M Coastguard and asked for assistance. The tides were against them and they had been blown off course and the water on board made steerage difficult.

It’s unusual for a Local Press Officer to name a distressed vessel but they were so grateful that they had brought presents for the crew round to the Boat House and wanted to tell their story, and were even willing to pose for a picture.

Photo - The crew of the yacht with gifts for the crew to enjoy, once they are off duty. By Karen Cox


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