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Latest News

13th September 2021
Another relief boat!
You may have noticed another Lifeboat has joined our merry band at Ramsgate.
Relief Severn Class Lifeboat R.N.L.B. Margaret Joan and Fred Nye 17-46 took passage overnight from Poole to Ramsgate, arriving around 0300 in the morning on Saturday. She's here on Temporary Station Duty (relief) due to technical issues with our lifeboat 14-02 Esme Anderson and also issues with relief Trent Class Lifeboat 14-06 Windsor Runner (Civil Service no.42).
Photo by Mark Stanford
10th September 2021
Woman overboard
An early start for the volunteer crew of Ramsgate RNLI when both boats were launched at the request of HM Coastguard to reports of a women falling overboard from a boat.

The call came through at 06.18 on 9 September after a Mayday had been received from a small cabin cruiser which was at anchor one and a half miles from the shore off Broadstairs.
Both the Windsor Runner (Civil Service no.42), which is our current relief all weather boat, and Claire and David Delves Inshore Lifeboat were launched to search.

Whilst still on their way to the search area a report came in that the missing person had managed to swim the one and a half miles to the shore,  get ashore, wake up a friend and talk to the Coastguard, informing them that she was safe.
In the meantime the Inshore boat had reached the yacht and put a crew member ashore to speak to the remaining person on the boat when the message came through that she was safely ashore, much to the relief of her partner.
The all weather was stood down and the decision was made for the Inshore to escort the boat back to Ramsgate Harbour as the remaining person onboard was in need of support and had requested assistance by VHF radio.
Thankfully the weather was kind with calm seas, otherwise the outcome could have been very different.

Our volunteer crew are ready to launch at all hours of the day and night and the RNLI rely entirely on voluntary donations.
10th September 2021
Launch to injured crew member
On 7 September at 16.29 the all weather Lifeboat Windsor Runner (Civil Service no. 42) launched at the request of HM Coastguard to a thirty five foot yacht with engine failure and reports that the lone yachtsman had a suspected broken hand, and therefore unable to sail.

He had been reported twenty miles out, north east from Ramsgate by the Kentish Knock which meant it took an hour to reach them even though the sea was flat.

Once they arrived on scene the all weather transferred two of the volunteer crew on board the yacht to assess the injury to the yachtsman, and found that he had injured his ring finger.  After splinting his finger, putting his arm in a sling and administering Entonox gas for pain relief, the RNLI crew aboard the casualty assisted with attaching the all weather tow rope. 

The all weather then proceeded to tow the casualty into Ramsgate harbour with the two crewmen remaining aboard the yacht to monitor the yachtsman, a journey that took over three hours.
When they finally arrived at Ramsgate the crew assisted with mooring the yacht alongside in the harbour and then took the casualty aboard the Windsor Runner and brought him back to the boathouse.
After making ready the Lifeboat to return to service, the casualty was taken by car to A & E to receive treatment.
2nd September 2021
And then there were three!
We had a visitor today, a Shannon class lifeboat 13-05 Patsy Knight, whose volunteer crew popped in for a cuppa when they were on route from Poole back to Lowestoft.

Patsy Knight had a holiday home near Lowestoft from which she loved to watch the lifeboat crew on exercises and on rescue missions. So when she died in 2005 she left a legacy in her will to the RNLI. in recognition of Mrs Knights legacy the Lifeboat was named in her honour.
Left to Right - 14-02 Esme Anderson (Ramsgate Lifeboat), 14-06 Windsor Runner - Civil Service no. 42 (Relief Lifeboat) and 13-05 Patsy Knight (Lowestoft Lifeboat)
Photo by Sarah Hewes
1st September 2021

Ramsgate’s volunteer RNLI crew had a very busy weekend with no chance for a lazy morning lie in.

On Friday 27 August at 12.26 the inshore lifeboat Claire and David Delves launched at the request of HM Coastguard to an ex-ships-lifeboat with engine trouble, near the harbour approach channel, with two people onboard. Initially the wrong position was given, but the yacht was spotted and once they had arrived on scene the volunteer crew assessed the situation and decided that due to the wind, tide and intermittent engine, it was safer to tow the casualty into the harbour and onto a berth. The inshore then returned to station.

The following day Saturday 28 August a report came through at 07.40 that a yacht was aground on the Quern Bank so the inshore was again launched. On arrival at the scene they found that the yacht was not aground as thought, however the people onboard were uncomfortable with the conditions and after assessing the situation it was decided it was better to tow them into the safety of the harbour, much to the relief of the sailors.

As the inshore was returning to the harbour another request to launch came from the Coastguard at 08.15. This time it was for the all weather boat, which currently is the Windsor Runner (Civil Service no. 42) which is currently on relief at Ramsgate station.

The launch was to a report of a missing crew member suspected of falling overboard from a cargo vessel in the shipping lane approximately fourteen miles out to sea.

Under the coordination of the Coastguard the all weather boat carried out two extensive parallel searches for nearly ten hours, along with Walmer Lifeboat (A85), Dover lifeboat (Severn), Coastguard Helicopter and Coastguard fixed wing aircraft who all carried out other searches coordinated by the Coastguard.

At 18.00 Ramsgate’s lifeboat returned to Station for well needed fuel and a complete crew change, after having fully completing the second search pattern. Half an hour later they returned to sea and carried out further searches, coordinated by the Coastguard, well into darkness.  At about 22.30 the lifeboat was stood down and returned to station. The following morning the decision was taken by the Coastguard to stand down the Ramsgate lifeboat from the search.

Sunday 29 August at 16.50 the inshore was once again launched at the request of the Coastguard, after a report from a member of the public of a kite surfer in difficulty near Kingsgate Bay, Broadstairs.

The volunteer crew carried out a search once on scene and found the kite surfer, who informed him that he was in no difficulty and happy to continue. So the inshore was stood down and returned to station. It was a false alarm, but done with good intent. We would rather that members of the public called us out than someone be placed in danger.

Later the same day at 20.40 the all weather was again launched to a nineteen metre yacht with no means of propulsion.  Once on scene the crew found the casualty at anchor and after weighing up the situation regarding the wind and tide decided that the safest and only option was to tow it into Ramsgate Harbour.  Once in the harbour the all weather changed the tow to an alongside tow and put the casualty alongside a mooring.

With more people than ever holidaying at home the seaside is a busy place and the volunteer crews are being called upon more often stretching our resources . Without support from the public we would not be able to continue our role of saving lives at sea as we entirely rely on donations.
Photos by Mark Stanford
31st August 2021

The annual RNLI Street Collection took place in Ramsgate last Saturday 28 August.

All of our hard working volunteers received positive comments from a very generous public, with £451.65 raised which is a great amount and is hugely appreciated by us all at the RNLI.

Sincere thanks to the public of Ramsgate, and also the RNLI Face 2 Face Team who joined in with the Fundraisers as part of the One Crew ethos of the RNLI. Thanks also to the RNLI Ramsgate Shop for all their help during the day.

The RNLI is solely funded by public donations and without their support we could not continue to save lives at sea.
Photos by Sarah Hewes
News Archive

Recent Launches

Service Call 54
15th September @ 08:10 AWB l(Relief Severn) launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a motor vessel just off the harbour approach channel with both engines having failed, with 2 persons on board.  After assessing the situation the decision was made to tow the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.
Service Call 53
12th September @ 10:00 ILB launched to a yacht with engine failure near the Quern Bank with 2 persons on board at anchor.  ILB decided that the safest course of action was to take the vessel in tow as it was close to the Quern Bank back to Ramsgate.
Service Call 52
11th September @ 11:28 ILB launched to a yacht aground in Pegwell Bay.  Once on scene the ILB found the vessel to have re-floated and therefore escorted it into deeper water, where the casualty was able to continue onto Dover.
Service Call 51
10th September @ 13:53 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a motor vessel with engine failure in the river Stour. On scene the ILB were unable to find any vessel in the given area.  ILB spoke to a seal trip vessel and found out that the vessel in question was up on Sandwich Quay.
Service Call 49 & 50
9th September @ 06:18 Both boats launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a report of a person overboard from a small cabin cruiser. Whilst making way to the scene a report came in that the missing person had managed to swim 1.5 miles ashore, wake a friend and talk to the Coastguard, informing them that she was safe and that there was one other person aboard the vessel who had requested assistance by VHF.  ILB made its way quickly to the scene, transferred a crewman onboard and Escorted the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour. AWB had been stood down once it was known that the missing person was safely ashore.
Service Call 48
8th September @ 14:07 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a report from a member of the public of a small motor boat with 2 persons on board frantically waving.  On scene the ILB found the casualty vessel which had suffered main engine failure, but were making slow progress using an auxiliary engine.  Due to the slow progress the decision was made to take the vessel in tow and bring into Ramsgate Harbour.
Service Archive

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