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Latest News

31st July 2020

Ramsgate RNLI all weather boat was launched twice yesterday, Thursday 30th July to the same boat.

The initial launch was at 12.30 when HM Coastguard requested them to go to the aid of a grounded yacht with five men and two women onboard that had got stuck on a falling tide in the area of the B2 Buoy. The sea conditions were calm with a gentle force 3 north east breeze so after four attempts to tow the yacht off, the decision was taken to take five of the people back to Ramsgate, leaving two to stay with the yacht which by now was on its side and wait for the tide to rise.

The Inshore and her volunteer crew returned at 17.15 when the tide was high and was able to attach a line and pull the yacht into deeper water. They then escorted the yacht back into Ramsgate Harbour.
Photo by Mark Stanford
31st July 2020

Our volunteer crew member Emma Sutton was asked by the RNLI press team to read a poem of thanks to all of the RNLI’s supporters.

This came about as Emma was invited to talk at the Royal Temple YC in Ramsgate for International Women’s Day by club member and Lifeboat Press Officer Karen Cox.

As a result of the coverage they asked Karen if she and Emma would like to work together to film the poem. So last Friday they got together at Ramsgate Lifeboat station and filmed the poetry reading on Karen’s iPhone. This was sent off to the RNLI press department at Poole, who worked their magic and today it was released on the RNLI’s social media channels.

It just proved that even with social distancing, and finding new ways of working, the RNLI can still show their heartfelt appreciation to everyone who supports them. Without the public’s donation we would be unable to continue our role of saving lives at sea,
31st July 2020

Have you ever looked closely at Ramsgate’s town crest?

The top left is the symbol of Kent the ‘Invicta’ horse, bottom left is the dolphin, showing the importance of the town as the home of the fishing fleet. Top right is the lion’s head joined to the hulk of a ship, this is the badge of the Cinque Ports. And bottom right is the golden lymhad or single masted galley. This signifies the importance Ramsgate had with the sea trade in and around the harbour.

HOWEVER on either side of the crest, are the supporters - Since 1934, the 50th anniversary and incorporation, the use of supporters were allowed and these take the form of a lifeboatman and coastguard.

Our ties with Ramsgate stretch back to 1802 when a lifeboat station was established by the trustees of the harbour, pre dating the formation of any National Lifeboat organisation by more than 20 years.

Thank you all for your support over the years.
27th July 2020
Dr William (Bill) Crawford
We all, at Ramsgate Lifeboat Station, are saddened to hear of the death of Bill Crawford.

In his working life as a GP, Bill took a deep personal interest in his patients. He knew details of their family, employment, interests and home circumstances, as well as their medical needs. Around the time that he retired from regular practise and joined the Management Committee of the Ramsgate RNLI in 1989-90, this background served the Station well for he knew many people and in particular those who were able and could be persuaded to help out when needed. In fact several of our volunteers were recruited by him.

Bill became Vice Chairman in March 1992, and was elected to the Chairmanship in May 1995, a position he held for over seventeen years, until moving house away from the area forced him to resign in October 2012. He was subsequently made a President of the Station in November of the same year.

A real gentleman, Bill never sought the limelight and worked quietly in the background, His meetings were run efficiently and effectively in a business-like manner. He earned and received the respect of committee members, coxswains, crew and fundraisers alike.

He will be sadly missed by us all.
Ron Fennell
27 /07/20
27th July 2020

On Sunday 26th July Ramsgate RNLI received a visit from Dutch yachtsman Simon Ramaekers.

Many will remember the awful day on 30th April 2018 when three visiting Dutch sailors sailed into Ramsgate to shelter from a storm. They decided to walk around the harbour to get a coffee from the Brasserie not realising it was closed.

Sadly a huge wave crashed over the harbour wall washing two of them into the water, one of whom Aad Fokker died. Simon was badly injured with a broken hip but managed to scramble to shelter where he was later rescued.

Simon has returned a few times to the station but on Sunday he sailed over with his family to present a plaque in memory of his friend which will be put up on the outside of the station for everyone to see. He was met by a few members of the RNLI who were able to share their memories of that awful day.
L- R Ray Noble, David and Simon Ramaekers and Karen Cox LPO.
24th July 2020

Thursday 23 July was a lovely sunny day attracting many people to the seaside but sadly for some it was a day that they will remember for a long time.

The first launch for Ramsgate RNLI was at 13.29 when the inshore lifeboat was launched to a local fisherman who had been out in his angling boat fishing along the back of the Southern Breakwater at Ramsgate Harbour.

He was attempting to haul in his anchor, lost his footing and went over the side, thankfully he was wearing a life jacket which immediately inflated.

The tide was running hard at 4 knots and swept him onto the rocks which make up the Breakwater. He was able to clamber over them and into the relatively calm, sheltered waters of the Port turning circle. The inshore lifeboat recovered him from the water and placed a member of their own crew into his fishing boat to assist his fellow novice crew in bringing back the vessel into the harbour. The casualty was cold, tired and wet but very grateful to the volunteer crew.

On returning to station the crew were met by the Dock Masters who were concerned about  a yacht that had radioed up three hours before.

A call had been made to HM Coastguard three hours previously by a yacht on passage to Ramsgate that had suffered engine failure. However they had decided to sail onto Ramsgate and arrangements had been made for a Harbour boat to bring them into the Harbour and assist them in berthing. However communications had been poor as they were also having issues with their radio and the boat was overdue. After discussions with Port Control and the Coastguard the inshore lifeboat set off to find the yacht at 13.45 and found that it had overshot Ramsgate and was in Stone Bay, Broadstairs.

A rope was passed to the casualty and the yacht towed safely back to Ramsgate, staying close inshore to avoid the fast moving tide, much to the delight of the people on the beach, who took to social media to express their delight.

Later the same day at 17.59 the Inshore Lifeboat was once again launched by the Coastguard to a report of two children in an inflatable kayak by Sandwich Bay swept out to sea, with their mother attempting to swim out and reach them.

On scene the Inshore crew found the children to be alright and safe for the time being, so immediately went to the aid of mother, who was struggling and had swallowed sea water. She was taken onboard the Inshore Lifeboat. They then returned to the kayak and got the two children aboard and then returned the reunited family to the beach, where they were handed over to Deal mobile Coastguard so that the mother could be assessed as she was coughing due to water intake and was cold. Once again the volunteer crew returned to station.

Three very different stories but all of which highlight the need to be prepared and heed safety advise when heading to the seaside. Thankfully everyone was safe but all outcomes could have been very different, if the fisherman hadn’t been wearing a life jacket, if the Dock Masters hadn’t raised the alarm and if the children and their mother hadn’t been reached by the lifeboat crew.

Around 150 people die by accident each year in the U.K. with the Lifeboat launching 9000 times in 2018. Without the support of the public the RNLI would be unable to continue their role of Saving Lives at Sea.
Inshore Lifeboat Claire and David Delves towing the stricken vessel. Photo by Emma Sutton
The yacht being moored in Ramsgate Harbour. Photo by Maz Critchley
Inshore lifeboat Claire and David Delves returning from Sandwich Bay. Photo by Mark Stanford
News Archive

Recent Launches

Service Call 46
11th September @ 02:56 crew paged to assist if required to a missing person who may be in the water in Ramsgate Harbour. Crew assistance was requested by the Police to carry out a search in the inner and outer harbour. The ILB was launched to search the outer harbour and the AWB's XP boat was launched to search the inner harbour. Both boats carried out an extensive search until 06:10 when the Coastguard decided they were that the area had been thoroughly searched. Police and Mobile Coastguard units also carried out a thorough search on land and the pontoons. All crew then went to Ship Shape for a well needed Breakfast.
Service Call 45
6th September @ 16:42 ILB launched to a yacht with engine failure North of the harbour entrance channel.  On scene the ILB passed a line and towed the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.
Photo by Ramsgate RNLI
Service Call 44
4th September @ 23:06 ILB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a small speed boat with two persons on board, in difficulty near the river entrance. The ILB arrived at the given area but were unable to find the casualty. The ILB then decided to slowly make their way up the River Stour, searching for the casualty.  The casualty was sighted near Pfizer and gladly followed the ILB back to Sandwich Quay where they started out from. Once the casualty was safely ashore the ILB made its way back down the river and returned to station.
Service Call 43
29th August @ 09:19 ILB launched to a person in the water by the lighthouse who went over the wall accidentally on a mobility scooter. When the ILB arrived on scene the person had already been pulled from the water by members of the public who saw the incident happen. Ambulance crews were on scene immediately and took over casualty care and mentioned that the casualties core temperature had dropped to 34 degrees. As the casualty was in expert care the ILB returned to station. Mobile Coastguard unit was also in attendance.
Service Call 42
27th August @ 22:53 AWB launched at the request of UK Coastguard to a 32ft yacht with total electrical failure 9nm NE of Ramsgate. Due to the electrical failure the casualty was left with no lighting or navigational equipment except for a hand held VHF.  Once the casualty was located the Lifeboat passed a line and proceeded to tow the casualty into Ramsgate Harbour.
Service Call 41
20th August @ 19:58 AWB launched to a 10m cabin cruiser with engine failure in the Ramsgate Approach Chanel, with 4 persons omboard. AWB passed a line and towed the casualty into harbour.
Photo by Mark Stanford
Service Archive

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